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“Send an e-mail”-Windows Server 2012 Task Scheduler deprecated feature [SOLVED!]

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Date : April 28, 2017

One of most common and lethal tool windows administrator is aware of when you want to send an automated email from task scheduler. However if you ever tried to set a windows task which will required to send an email in Windows server 2012, you will soon realize that it has been deprecated. Continue Reading…

Windows Server 2012 R2 Error – Required KB2919355

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Date : September 8, 2016

One of the most common and known issue we all face and me too, while installing a new instance of TFS 2015 on Server 2012 R2. It simply throws error, more aptly a Windows Server 2012 R2 error – required KB2919355. You may have tried Windows Update automatic update with no result.

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3 Ways to Change the URL of a SharePoint list or library

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Date : February 9, 2016


Often we come up with a requirement of changing name and URL of list or library, but merely changing the name of the list or library from list or library settings –> General Settings –> List name, description and navigation  does not change the list or library URL. Continue Reading…

SharePoint 2013 Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)- Do’s & Don’ts

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Date : January 8, 2016

Each web application can be associated with a collection of mappings between internal and public URLs. Both internal and public URLs consist of the protocol and domain portions of the full URL (for example, A public URL is what users type to access the SharePoint site, and that URL is what appears in the links on the pages. Internal URLs are in the URL requests that are sent to the SharePoint site. Many internal URLs can be associated with a single public URL in multi-server farms (for example, when a load balancer routes requests to specific IP addresses to various servers in the load-balancing cluster). Continue Reading…