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Six Ways A Customer Portal Can Connect Your Enterprise

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Date : March 15, 2017

A quick check of iTunes reveals a stark truth – there is no such thing as a greatest hits album for on-hold music.

Yet, there your customer lingers, phone propped on their shoulder, while they listen to some faceless jazz tune and contemplate exactly how they’ll react to this lengthy wait: They could simply complain to your customer service rep once they pick up the phone. More likely, they’ll spew their frustration in 140 character Tweets, or a colorful Facebook post. Continue Reading…

OneDrive to Greatness- Microsoft’s File Share Product Is Even Better in 2017

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Date : February 8, 2017

As you know, we here at Netwoven have shared in great detail why we feel that Office 365 is, hands down, the best productivity suite for any enterprise. As we enter 2017, one in five corporate employees are using an Office 365 cloud service – making it the most widely used enterprise cloud service by number of users. Continue Reading…

Three Predictions About Office 365 in 2017

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Date : January 11, 2017

As we shared in our previous blog, Office 365: An IT Dream or a Business Nightmare, Microsoft Office 365 has been a runaway success. Built upon a multi-generational base of past success, Office 365 – essentially, your favorite Microsoft apps on the Cloud – has become the most widely used enterprise cloud service. Continue Reading…

Is jQuery still needed?

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Date : January 13, 2015

In the recent months I’ve seen a lot of backlash against jQuery. It is true that when jQuery made it mainstream everyone and their brothers included it on their pages even if it wasn’t needed. Lots of great WordPress plugins also overuse and abuse jQuery on our sites ( included). But even after all this jQuery is an indispensable library in our chest of tools.

Continue Reading…

Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design

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Date : August 19, 2014


Some people in the IT world use the terms Adaptive and Responsive interchangeably. True, both follow the progressive enhancement strategy and have a lot of similarities, but are definitely not the same when it comes to their implementation. Let start with the characteristics of Responsive Web Design. Continue Reading…

Intro to Model View Libraries and SharePoint

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Date : May 20, 2013

Over the past year I have seen a huge uptake in the use of JavaScript Model View with SharePoint. A Model View library allows you to separate your data, presentation, and the transformation of that data to presentation view. The uptake is probably caused by two factors, first a rejuvenated interest in the MVC pattern, and second is the RESTful services SharePoint 2013 brings to the table. SharePoint 2010 also had these RESTful services, but they were new and didn’t provide all the functions that the 2013 services do. Continue Reading…