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Running your first Angular 2.0 application

Date : November 15, 2016

Angular is a binding framework that binds HTML UI to JavaScript objects. The first version of AngularJS has been around for the last 6 years. However, just a couple of months back, the next stable version of AngularJS, AngularJS 2.0 has been released ( This article briefly introduces you to the way AngularJS 2.0 solutions are organized. Continue Reading…

Getting SharePoint Designer to work with Office 365

Date : June 13, 2016


SharePoint Designer is a very useful tool provided by Microsoft for customizing SharePoint based solutions and workflows. However, Microsoft has announced that it has stopped development of future releases of SharePoint Designer. This means that the current version of SharePoint Designer – SharePoint Designer 2013 will be the last version although Microsoft has said that they will support this version till 2020. This makes it critical that we make this version of SharePoint work with the current and future versions of SharePoint unless Microsoft releases another tool to do that. Continue Reading…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Adding Pure Client Side Scripting

Date : March 4, 2015


You are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this blog I will discuss about how you can add Client Side Scripting using JavaScript for the purpose of programming your Dynamic CRM.  You can use such client side scripting to implement your custom field validation.  For example, you want to validate mobile # to check whether it is 10 digit numbers. In this case instead of setting rule which is a server side validation where a server trip is required for the process to validate, you can use a pure client side scripting. Continue Reading…

SQL Query Performance Improvement Foundation

Date : January 27, 2015


When a SQL Query takes huge time to execute we start thinking for optimization. But before optimizing a query we need to know some basics facts/terms that you can consider as metrics for optimization. If we understand these basics properly then optimizing a query is really a piece of cake. Continue Reading…

Using SSIS ‘Data Profiling Task’ Control for data validation

Date : April 30, 2014


When you are involved in an SSIS project, you have to collect data from various data sources like from databases, flat files, excel files etc. Generally when you find that the data is not well formed, it’s of very poor quality for analyzing, lots of data are missing etc. etc. So before starting the project and designing a database structure if we can analyze the data properly it will be helpful for us to design our data ware house properly.

SSIS provides a wonderful control ‘Data Profiling Task’ to accomplish this task that helps us to provide the Meta information of how the data is organized.

Continue Reading…

How to use SQL-SERVER profiler for database tuning

Date : April 15, 2014


Suppose you are a Database developer. You have created lot of tables, views, SP etc. for your development. You have also put the required indexes on the tables for query optimizing etc. Now your database is deployed to production environment and you found that everything is running properly.

Now after long period of time of performance the data volume will be increased and you found that your database performance has been degraded as compared to the previous while there was a small volume of data. Now once again going through the database design, putting the new indexes is not an easy task to do, it may take huge effort and at last it may not be fruitful at all.

SQL-SERVER has SQL Server-Profiler tool to help us optimize our database. Continue Reading…