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Microsoft PowerApps – The new way to build forms in SharePoint

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Date : November 29, 2016

InfoPath was introduced a decade ago as a form generator for SharePoint and it has been there as a front-end tool for designing custom forms in SharePoint. No doubt that, InfoPath in combination with SharePoint designer and Visual studio workflows, automated many of the business scenarios and made user’s lives easy. Continue Reading…

Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer

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Date : November 8, 2016

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a modern persistent chat-based tool in Office 365, and the next step in a company’s mission to regenerate productivity. Teams is an entirely new experience that integrates people, conversations and content along with the tools that the team needs to make collaboration simpler. It is primarily built around persistent chat, and is promising for great team-based work efficiency with the instant message chat available at all times. It also supports email-style threaded conversations to keep everyone engaged. Continue Reading…

Setup instant alerts like text messages & push notifications on your phone with Microsoft Flow

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Date : September 13, 2016

Daily your outlook may be flooded with lots of email and in that you might forgot to respond to your boss email. Now you can setup instant alerts like text messages/push notifications on your phone with Microsoft Flow when an important person sends out an email. This blog explains how to setup text messages on your phone and also to how setup push notifications using Flow. Continue Reading…

My Hello world example with Microsoft Flow

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Date : June 2, 2016

It is a Microsoft new animal targeted for end users, Microsoft Flow helps you work smarter by automating workflow across your apps and different services. You can connect to almost all applications including Facebook, Slack, Twilio and the count goes on. As of now, Microsoft says, Flow can talk to 34 applications. Currently it is in Preview version and expect a lot of changes when it goes public. Continue Reading…

Things you will lose when you move to SharePoint Online from SharePoint on Premises

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Date : May 9, 2016

Microsoft has been doing every effort to retain its position in the enterprise IT space. In this cloud era, where everything is being imagined are pushed to the cloud. Last year Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has emphasized the company’s new business strategy with the mantra of mobile-first, cloud-first. This philosophy runs through everything Microsoft says or does and SharePoint has no exception to it.
This blog details out some of the On-premises features that you will miss when you move to SharePoint Online. Continue Reading…

PowerApps – Microsoft’s new Beast.

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Date : March 29, 2016

Late last year, Microsoft introduced PowerApps, a new enterprise service that empowers users to connect, create and share business apps with team members on any device in minutes. I had a chance to review it and in this article, I describe the features of PowerApps and answer some common questions about it. Continue Reading…

SharePoint 2016 Few new Innovations

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Date : March 24, 2016

SharePoint 2016 New Features

Standalone installation is no longer supported. Earlier versions of SharePoint installs SQL Express edition along with SharePoint. But that is not the case anymore. In SP 2016, standalone installation requires separate installation of SharePoint edition and SQL installation. Continue Reading…