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How to customize document libraries as Power Point Presentations and OneNote Libraries

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Date : March 14, 2017

When working with document libraries, I’ve always felt the limitation to be able to customize it with other Microsoft applications.

While in my previous blog I could customize the document template with a uniform header and footer and create an on-the-fly document with a few permissible variables (read “fields” or “column types”) from the document library driven from another list, I had never (until then) been able to dedicate a document library meant only for OneNote or Power Point Presentations. Continue Reading…

How to extend capabilities of lookup columns – Part 3

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Date : December 4, 2015

Wiki Pages are simple to create, is their reference also as easy?

Wiki pages are the simplest kinds of pages in the world (at least I want to believe that), and simple to refer when just using the URL. But ever thought about referencing a wiki page sitting in a wiki library from any other list/library on the site? It isn’t that straightforward!

And did you just think why would you ever want to refer to a wiki page from any other library…aah…not again – can there ever be an end for wishes! Continue Reading…

How to extend capabilities of lookup columns – Part 2

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Date : October 16, 2015

The following article is the continuation of How to extend capabilities of lookup columns.

I wish SharePoint becomes as colourful as the real world…is it possible ?

Did you just think of visual indicators that would make data assessment easier ?

Wow, this is so desired! I’d just love to take a glance at my list and immediately grasp the summary…and I guess most of us also would. Continue Reading…

How to extend capabilities of lookup columns – Part 1

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Date : October 6, 2015


Lookup columns are a quick and easy way to reference data residing at a single point from multiple locations in the same site, without having to recreate the source.

One such case is a scenario of a custom list with list items primarily enticing with images. It becomes just so irresistible to be able to use images from this list into another. Another example could be referring to Wiki pages from the Wiki Page library. While in the former case the OOTB reference however fails to render the graphic, in the latter, if you ever had to do it, you’d know what it means – the default reference is nothing more than a seemingly encrypted text termed as Doc ID not even remotely indicating the page name. These are not the only scenarios, but I believe most of the situations one might come across can still be related to either of the two. Continue Reading…

How to enhance filtration criteria of Content Query Web Part for Document Libraries

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Date : May 29, 2015

In the simplest form of data filtration, we set up Views on lists or libraries to skim data of interest. Views work on individual lists or libraries and can also be referenced in web parts added to pages. But, while working in a larger context, a Content Query Web Part is a useful tool to filter aggregated data sources in a site collection. The configuration capabilities of the CQWP web part are large, however, in the given content, I’ve extended the limit of filtration for document libraries.

Continue Reading…

How to dynamically create and populate Word Document in a Document Library from Custom List

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Date : April 24, 2015

In the context of SP Online or SP 2013, we visualize them to be omnipotent, or if not for this, then atleast have much more vigour than their predecessors. What also bestows to the pool of features is also the availability of the SharePoint Designer (SPD) 2013 workflow. However, a little use of workflows using SPD 2010 also can extend the OOTB capabilities.

Workflows need not just be visualized as a process to flow items or streamlines tasks among users, rather in the simplest form, a workflow can also update data in field.

Continue Reading…

How to Backup and Archive documents using SharePoint Designer

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Date : March 17, 2015


Off late I was delegated a task to back up a document in a document library as an automated process. This doesn’t sound interesting…correct!

Coupled with the above was the archival of this copy to an existing folder. Still not enticing? Now, let me add to it a condition – the backup archival process need not have to be triggered with any item creation or modification, but rather had to be done for only one item and at a specified time. Not interesting still…?

Okay, how about making this an automated periodic process at that specified time? Still lifeless…? Continue Reading…

Branding Sites on SharePoint 2013 with a Custom Color

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Date : December 24, 2013


In SharePoint the chrome is defined by the master page which in turn defines the overall layout, core styling, page behavior, location and size of the content area and includes any common controls shared across pages. The content area is defined by the content page which in turn inherits style and behavior from the master page and interacts with controls on the chrome. Minimal Download Strategy is a new feature in SharePoint 2013 that improves client rendering performance and fluidity when navigating from page to page by download only the changes between two compatible pages. Fewer bytes will be downloaded and the page will appear more quickly. It reduces the amount of markup, CSS, scripts, etc. that the browser needs to parse and render improving overall performance and provides smoother transitions.

Despite the MDS, a change as simple as a custom color applies differently to the three types of sites – Project, Publishing and Team. Continue Reading…