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Five myths about CRM

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Date : November 23, 2016

The Five Myths about CRM

Someone out there who is reading this blog is still using Microsoft Excel in their organization to manage their customers. You know who you are: The one still asking your employees to take those precious, hard-won consumers, and to drop them haphazardly into an Excel spreadsheet – depositing them into a file that lives in “My Documents” on a single machine, never to be heard from again. Continue Reading…

Microsoft Teams vs. Yammer

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Date : November 8, 2016

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a modern persistent chat-based tool in Office 365, and the next step in a company’s mission to regenerate productivity. Teams is an entirely new experience that integrates people, conversations and content along with the tools that the team needs to make collaboration simpler. It is primarily built around persistent chat, and is promising for great team-based work efficiency with the instant message chat available at all times. It also supports email-style threaded conversations to keep everyone engaged. Continue Reading…

3 Ways to Increase Collaboration through Office 365

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Date : November 2, 2016

Productivity is a key attribute of a successful business. With the rise of technology and cloud computing, we’ve made collaboration not only easier but essential. The IBM Global CIO Study, found that 49 percent of an individuals’ work is the result of “network contribution” by fellow employees and partners. Yet 80 percent of employees are ineffective at collaboration, according to a CEB survey. There are many technology solutions available but Microsoft’s Office 365 is one tool that can help improve productivity and engagement in your business through employee collaboration.  Continue Reading…

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in CRM

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Date : October 19, 2016

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve purchased a new product but realise when we open it, it’s either the wrong size, broken, or not what we wanted. Our first instinct is to call customer service. The wait time to get in touch with a representative is one hour. While most of us wait patiently, some of us may send out a tweet to the company. The company replies asking what the problem is without knowing that you’ve already been waiting on the phone for a representative. As your mid-typing your issue, someone picks up. Continue Reading…

Migrating Your Sharepoint to Office 365 Environment: 6 Key Steps to a Successful Migration

Date : June 21, 2016

The Dalai Lama once said, “In order to carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision.” Indeed, without our own carved, clear path to success, we render ourselves helpless in guiding our team through any difficult or challenging change process.

We often get asked this question whether one can migrate their existing SharePoint environment as is to Office 365.  While it can be done, it’s like moving all your content from your old house to a new house without doing any redesign or purging.

To lead your team through successful migration to SharePoint Online, follow these 6 key steps: Continue Reading…

Governance in the Cloud: Four Policies to Insist Upon in Securing Your Enterprise

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Date : May 18, 2016

Like a boat without a rudder, or an elevator without buttons, business practices – without guidelines – can also be a very direction less exercise. Though many people enjoy circling aimlessly, or relish the feelings of repeated ups and downs, most corporate entities insist on structure, clarity, and direction in ensuring uniformity across its departments, and among its associates. Continue Reading…

PowerApps – Microsoft’s new Beast.

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Date : March 29, 2016

Late last year, Microsoft introduced PowerApps, a new enterprise service that empowers users to connect, create and share business apps with team members on any device in minutes. I had a chance to review it and in this article, I describe the features of PowerApps and answer some common questions about it. Continue Reading…

SharePoint 2016 Few new Innovations

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Date : March 24, 2016

SharePoint 2016 New Features

Standalone installation is no longer supported. Earlier versions of SharePoint installs SQL Express edition along with SharePoint. But that is not the case anymore. In SP 2016, standalone installation requires separate installation of SharePoint edition and SQL installation. Continue Reading…

Why should I upgrade to SharePoint 2016 ?

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Date : February 16, 2016

Personally, I don’t agree with this and there are lots of reason why you should upgrade to SharePoint 2016.


Software industry is changing rapidly and everything is moving towards cloud. Cloud is here to stay and for a longer time.

Microsoft wants their on-premises customers to have presence in the cloud. Even though SharePoint 2013 had some capabilities to connect to cloud, I think SharePoint 2016 it is much better. On-premises customers have better path to connect to Cloud and take advantages of it. Continue Reading…

TRID Compliance for Mortgage Industry and its Repercussions

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Date : September 16, 2015

The (TRID Compliance) TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule consolidates four existing disclosures required under TILA and RESPA for closed-end credit transactions secured by real property into two forms: a Loan Estimate that must be delivered or placed in the mail no later than the third business day after receiving the consumer’s application, and a Closing Disclosure that must be provided to the consumer at least three business days prior to consummation (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule). Continue Reading…