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Managing App Permission and Acquisition in Office 365

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Date : September 28, 2016

One of the most compounding issue an office 365 administrator needs to cope up is managing apps deployed by their development team and make it available for consuming across the entire platform. Here are some essential steps we must follow as the last step of app development and deployment. You need to define the APP permission and Acquisition in Office 365 before these apps are usable. Continue Reading…

Things you will lose when you move to SharePoint Online from SharePoint on Premises

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Date : May 9, 2016

Microsoft has been doing every effort to retain its position in the enterprise IT space. In this cloud era, where everything is being imagined are pushed to the cloud. Last year Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has emphasized the company’s new business strategy with the mantra of mobile-first, cloud-first. This philosophy runs through everything Microsoft says or does and SharePoint has no exception to it.
This blog details out some of the On-premises features that you will miss when you move to SharePoint Online. Continue Reading…

SharePoint 2016 Few new Innovations

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Date : March 24, 2016

SharePoint 2016 New Features

Standalone installation is no longer supported. Earlier versions of SharePoint installs SQL Express edition along with SharePoint. But that is not the case anymore. In SP 2016, standalone installation requires separate installation of SharePoint edition and SQL installation. Continue Reading…

Why should I upgrade to SharePoint 2016 ?

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Date : February 16, 2016

Personally, I don’t agree with this and there are lots of reason why you should upgrade to SharePoint 2016.


Software industry is changing rapidly and everything is moving towards cloud. Cloud is here to stay and for a longer time.

Microsoft wants their on-premises customers to have presence in the cloud. Even though SharePoint 2013 had some capabilities to connect to cloud, I think SharePoint 2016 it is much better. On-premises customers have better path to connect to Cloud and take advantages of it. Continue Reading…

3 Ways to Change the URL of a SharePoint list or library

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Date : February 9, 2016


Often we come up with a requirement of changing name and URL of list or library, but merely changing the name of the list or library from list or library settings –> General Settings –> List name, description and navigation  does not change the list or library URL. Continue Reading…

How to set View level permission for a List/Library in SharePoint

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Date : January 21, 2016

Recently, I got a requirement from my boss where he wanted to set view level permission on each view in a Document library. In OOB SharePoint, any user with read access can navigate to any views and we don’t have any permission which can be applied on the list view.  After doing a bit of research, I found out a way to do this out of the box and of course with the help of SharePoint Designer. Approach is to create each views as Library items and apply Item level Permissions.

So let’s begin! Continue Reading…

SharePoint 2013 Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)- Do’s & Don’ts

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Date : January 8, 2016

Each web application can be associated with a collection of mappings between internal and public URLs. Both internal and public URLs consist of the protocol and domain portions of the full URL (for example, A public URL is what users type to access the SharePoint site, and that URL is what appears in the links on the pages. Internal URLs are in the URL requests that are sent to the SharePoint site. Many internal URLs can be associated with a single public URL in multi-server farms (for example, when a load balancer routes requests to specific IP addresses to various servers in the load-balancing cluster). Continue Reading…

SharePoint 2016 – What all we can do in Hybrid Approach

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Date : December 30, 2015

In SharePoint 2016, Microsoft introduced the concept of hybrid approach, which acts like as a bridge between SharePoint online (SPO) and On-Premises SharePoint. Most of the talks are on Search Hybrid , but we can do much more than that. Below are some of the hybrid scenarios that is introduced in SharePoint 2016. Continue Reading…