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Why should I upgrade to SharePoint 2016 ?

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Date : February 16, 2016

Personally, I don’t agree with this and there are lots of reason why you should upgrade to SharePoint 2016.


Software industry is changing rapidly and everything is moving towards cloud. Cloud is here to stay and for a longer time.

Microsoft wants their on-premises customers to have presence in the cloud. Even though SharePoint 2013 had some capabilities to connect to cloud, I think SharePoint 2016 it is much better. On-premises customers have better path to connect to Cloud and take advantages of it. Continue Reading…

How to extend capabilities of lookup columns – Part 3

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Date : December 4, 2015

Wiki Pages are simple to create, is their reference also as easy?

Wiki pages are the simplest kinds of pages in the world (at least I want to believe that), and simple to refer when just using the URL. But ever thought about referencing a wiki page sitting in a wiki library from any other list/library on the site? It isn’t that straightforward!

And did you just think why would you ever want to refer to a wiki page from any other library…aah…not again – can there ever be an end for wishes! Continue Reading…

Install PostgreSQL for Windows and restore database using GUI

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Date : November 17, 2015

PostgreSQL is of the most popular open source database around the market for quite some time. Though designed for UNIX/Linux platform, setting up a PostgreSQL for Windows server platform might be a challenge at time.

Here is a simple tutorial to help you get started with creating a Database Server free. Continue Reading…

Move OneDrive folder to a different location without having all files re-synced

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Date : November 2, 2015

OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive gives us the ability to sync any SharePoint document library into local computer. For whatever reasons, if you have thousands of documents already synced into your local computer and realise that you have run out of space in your present synced drive, what would you do? Create a new folder and re-sync? Possibly you would not like to waste hours behind re-syncing and downloading all documents. Here is a smart way to move OneDrive folder to a different location without having all files re-synced. Continue Reading…

6 awesome new features in CRM2015

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Date : August 11, 2015

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release has wide range of awesome new features which provides seamless experiences to the clients and better management of sales and lead. It’s difficult to pick the favourites from the great additions. I picked up 6 awesome new features in CRM2015 which I thought are really useful. Continue Reading…