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Decommission Exchange Server 2013

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Date : April 13, 2017

This document is targeted for organizations who are in coexistence with exchange online (hybrid exchange organization) and has migrated all mailbox and exchange resources to exchange online. Post migration, the organization would end up with a redundant Exchange Server with no dependencies and thus would follow the process to decommission exchange server 2013. Continue Reading…

Exploring SharePoint 2013 PowerShell Obfuscation

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Date : July 30, 2014


When I am exploring the breadth of SharePoint 2013 PowerShell and would like to dig a little deeper to understand what each of the commands are doing and what set of command are available for given operation or area of SharePoint functionality, or would like to debug some of the run time issues you may incur, I like to explore with the .Net Reflector. Continue Reading…