July 12, 2012

Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Your Intranet, Extranet and Public Website

Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Your Intranet, Extranet and Public Website


As many of you may know , Microsoft SharePoint has been the largest-selling software product in the history of the company. In the last 11 years, since the arrival of SharePoint 2001, SharePoint has captured a large share of the collaboration market. Today, SharePoint 2010 is used widely as a content or document management system, for company intranets, extranets and public websites.

We can define these terms as:

Intranet - An intranet is the internal facing portal in your company for your employees

Extranet - An extranet is the protected external facing portal in your company. It is used by business partners, clients and special customers

Public Website - The public website is the public-facing version of your website.

There are many benefits for organizations that use a common tecnology and framework for all of their web properties.  These include:

  • Savings in software licensing costs
  • A smaller pool of developers competent in similar technologies

Historically, companies have been unable to use a common technology across the web properties because of the cost of the solutions, and the difficulty of using the solutions.

SharePoint 2010 includes a number of rich content management features that help organizations to manage their content and keep it current.  These features include:

  • Various page layout options allowing website creators to create pages quickly
  • Ability to support rich streaming media
  • Ability to roll up content easily
  • Common meta data that allows content to be published once and available anywhere
  • Better control during the authoring process
  • Workflows for content review and approval
  • Easy deployment from staging to production
  • Web analytics

In our subsequent blog posts, we will be discussing the specific features of SharePoint 2010 and third party products to help create a useful customer portals or extranets.

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  1. I’d love to learn more about Extranet. In our company, Intranet is widely used because it served as the employee login and payroll system. Every PC has access to the Intranet. Plus, it has announcements regarding company news like activities, programs, and more.

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