July 16, 2012

Office 15 Features



The Office 15 release is going to be awesome!

Here are some of my notes on the Office 15 features from the presentation:

  • The office ribbon is hidden by default
  • All clients think cloud first, then local (skydrive, roaming profiles in the cloud)
  • Inline reply (like gmail)
  • Peeks (image says it all)
  • Office clients all tie into a marketplace in the cloud, reminds me of an idea that Zaplet had back in the 2000's
  • Tablet radial menu
  • Signing into your office application
  • PDF Editing
  • Post documents directly to FaceBook
  • "Toasts" remind you where you last were in the document
  • Office is now social (lots of focus on "Communication scenarios")
  • SharePoint Mysites now suggests documents you might want to follow
  • SharePoint Mysites allows you to use hash tags
  • SharePoint "People cards" allow you to see all social networks that the
  • Outlook (and office) has skype integration
  • Flash fill allows excel worksheets to autofill across Rows auto-magicly

More to come once I get back to my desk

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