August 06, 2012

Is SharePoint 2013 ready for prime time Web Content Management (WCM)? You be the judge!

Is SharePoint 2013 ready for prime time Web Content Management (WCM)?  You be the judge!

For the readers who have not been tracking Microsoft’s evolution in the Web Content Management (WCM) space, the following would provide some insight:

Microsoft acquired a company called nCompass back in 2002.  nCompass’s Content Management System (CMS) become the foundation of the WCM capabilities in SharePoint.  Since then, Microsoft has been adding features to support WCM in SharePoint.

The launch of SharePoint 2013 preview presents an interesting opportunity for companies to consolidate all of their web infrastructure (Public facing website, Customer extranet, and intranet) to SharePoint 2013.  As mentioned in my earlier article, this can provide a great of value to companies by reducing the overall management costs as well as having a focused team.

Below is a summary of some of the improvements in SharePoint 2013 to support Web Content Management:

  • Ability to easily copy content from Word to the Rich Text Editor
  • Ability to work with video content easily
  • Improved ability to show dynamic content from other websites
  • Improved image rendition support that allows you to show the same image in different sizes across the site
  • Improved support for multi-lingual sites
  • Ability to maintain content in one or more authoring areas and displaying it in the publishing areas easily
  • Improved Navigation capabilities that allow you to create complex menus
  • Ability to aggregate content easily using category pages
  • Friendly URLs that enable end users to navigate the site easily
  • Ability to use refiners and faceted navigation
  • Analytics and recommendations
  • Branding
  • Device Specific targeting

In the subsequent blog posts, I will be going into each of these features in greater detail.

This article is written by Niraj Tenany, President and CEO of Netwoven and a Information Management practitioner.  Niraj works with large and medium sized organizations and advises them on Enterprise Content Management and Business Intelligence strategies.  For additional information, please contact Niraj at

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