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Integrating Your Enterprise Applications with Yammer – Sign-up Process

With the recent acquisition of Yammer, there is a great deal of excitement in the marketplace. Yammer has been successful for quite some time. With the recent acquisition, Enterprises will be looking at it more carefully as they select their Enterprise social tool.

Netwoven consultant Surya Penmetsa will be discussing various integration approaches and issues around Yammer in this and subsequent blog posts. This blog post discusses the user sign-up process with Yammer.

Sign-Up Process:

Yammer presents a few options to sign up users:

Manual Sign up: The Network administrator Invites users to sign-up for yammer. User signs up using the Browser. The user profile page requests for limited information (see the screenshot below). While this provides an easy way to sign up individual users, it may not be very attractive for corporate users that require more information about the user.

The Network administrator has the ability to perform other administrative activities such as blocking or removing users.

Yammer Single User Management

Bulk-upload: Network administrators can upload a CSV file that contains user profile information. This allows the creation of new accounts and update of existing ones. The network administrator has other administrative options shown below in the screen shot.

Yammer Administrator Functions

Directory Sync: Enterprises often require such tools to work with Active Directory (AD) which has user information. Yammer’s ADSync tool allows us to synchronize your domain user profiles with yammer. You can specify exclusion rules so that you can filter users that are not supposed to be accessing the yammer network. The synchronization can be scheduled. This approach needs detailed review with your AD team, as there could be some performance implications depending on the Active Directory structure. Visit this page for more details . This option also automates removing of users if user is no longer with the company.

Yammer ADSync tool

This article is written by Surya Penmetsa from Netwoven. Surya Penmetsa is a Principal Consultant with Netwoven. Surya specializes in the design and implementation of highly scalable solutions with SharePoint, K2, .NET, Yammer, and many other technologies. Netwoven is a professional services firm founded by ex-Microsoft employees. Netwoven specializes in the design and implementation of Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Cloud Services and mobile applications. For additional information, please contact us at info@netwoven.com.

Niraj Tenany

About Niraj Tenany

Niraj is Chief Executive Officer and a Co-founder of Netwoven, responsible for the strategic vision and direction. Niraj has been working with Fortune 500 companies to implement large-scale enterprise systems for the past 25 years.

Prior to founding Netwoven, Niraj led a profitable Enterprise Applications Consulting Practice at Microsoft. His team implemented large scale deployments of enterprise applications like Siebel, Ariba, and SAP with Fortune 500 customers. Niraj’s team also led the design and implementation of OLAP solutions based on the Microsoft platform. Prior to joining Microsoft, Niraj led a profitable Business Intelligence Consulting practice with Oracle Consulting Services.

Niraj has also worked with startup organizations in senior management positions. Niraj was the Director of Consulting Services at Zaplet, a Kleiner Perkins funded company.

Niraj holds a BS in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology, India, an MS in Computer Science from State University of New York (SUNY), and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina.


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