August 14, 2012

Yammer Single Sign-on with other Enterprise Apps

Yammer Single Sign-on with other Enterprise Apps

yammer-the-enterprise-social-network-logo1 In this short article, we discuss the Single Sign-on process. The creation of profiles in Yammer was discussed in an earlier article. Once profile is created, SSO can be enabled by configuring federation service on corporate network by using ADFS, PING and other products. Have the similar configuration done by Yammer side to add your Federation Service endpoint. Once both the endpoints are setup correctly, user request to yammer (Using Yammer Embed or SharePoint WebParts) will be redirected to corporate Federation Service. Local federation service authenticates the domain user and creates SAML 2.0 assertions and redirect the request to Yammer service. Below is the logical flow diagram of communication between various components (There could be more components like Firewalls in reality): This article is written by Surya Penmetsa from Netwoven. Surya Penmetsa is a Principal Consultant with Netwoven. Surya specializes in the design and implementation of highly scalable solutions with SharePoint, K2, .NET, Yammer, and many other technologies. Netwoven is a professional services firm founded by ex-Microsoft employees. Netwoven specializes in the design and implementation of Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Cloud Services and mobile applications. For additional information, please contact us at

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