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Reporting Services in SharePoint 2013 Integrated Mode Cannot Support Scale Out Mode

You have deployed SharePoint 2013 with Reporting Services in the SharePoint Integrated mode. From the Central Administration, System Settings>Manage Services on Server, you try to start the SQL Server Reporting Services service.  You receive the following error message-

“Reporting Services scale-out deployment is not supported in this edition of Reporting Services. This edition only supports one instance of the SQL Server Reporting Services Service in the farm. The SQL Server Reporting Services service cannot be started on this server unless it is stopped on all other servers in the farm.”

Cause & Solution

You are using the SQL Server Standard Edition. SQL Server Reporting Services Scale-out mode is supported by following SQL Server editions: Enterprise, Business Intelligence. (Refer MSDN: Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012)

With your SQL Server 2012 Enterprise or Business Intelligence editions, under your SharePoint 2013 (2010) you could always scale out to more than one SharePoint server. (Refer MSDN Add an Additional Report Server to a Farm (SSRS Scale-out) )

While you have SQL Server 2012 Standard edition, under the SharePoint 2013 Farm, you can have only one instance of SQL Server Reporting Services in the SharePoint Integrated mode. While you try to start another instance of Reporting Service in the farm on different server within the Farm, you will receive the above message.

If you intend to start the SQL Server Reporting Services on a different server than the service is currently running, you should first stop the service on the current running service and then start on your desired server. But also be aware other installation and configuration requirements for hosting the SSRS Service on the Server before you try to start the SSRS Service on a new server

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