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Comprehensive SharePoint 2013 Development Environment Installation and Configuration

 (*This topic was presented at (SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley, June 22nd, 2013)

Over the years working with SharePoint we all have built out various SharePoint related environments for the purpose of Development. In the past (Prior to SharePoint 2013) we could install MOSS 2007 and SP 2010 right in our Lap Top/Desk top over Windows 7.

Alternatively we could spin up a VM over VMWare workstation and run right in our lap top.

All of the above combination worked very well and we were on our happy path to build, learn and demo.

So initially I did the same with the new SharePoint 2013. But like we all know installing on Client OS (Win 7/8) is no more supported.

Next step was to start with a local VM in VMWare Workstation. Sure I got all of that. But I had faced a significant processing and memory problems. First for lack of processing and memory capabilities on a Lap Top type of device and second the SharePoint 2013 platform now introduces quite number of services that are processor and memory hungry.


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