December 16, 2013

Retrieve Records in SSIS Script Task

Retrieve Records in SSIS Script Task

Overview You are developing an SSIS package. You want to work with a record in a Script Task. This blog discusses how you can get access to the Records in the Script task using the Object Type variable.



1. Go to Start >>All Programs>> Microsoft SQL Server 2012>> Click on SQL Server Data Tools r2 2. Visual Studio >> File >>New >> Click on Project r3 3. Select Business Intelligence Under Installed Templates >>Integration Service Project Click Ok Button r4 4. Now you can see inside Visual studio >> solution Explorer >> Package.dtsx r5 5. Double click on Package.dtsx file and you can see the design editor of that package r6 6. Now go to the SSIS tool box and add (either drag and drop or double click) a Data flow task controls inside the control Flow Tab r7 7. Add another control script Task from SSIS toolbox to Control flow tab r8 8. Create a connection between Data Flow Task and Script Task using the down side arrow of Data Flow Task XAML 4 r9 9. Now we need to add an object type variable, so go to the right most side of the Package Design Editor and click on Variables r10 10. It will open a Window, Bottom side of your visual studio r11 11. Click on Add Variable r12 12. Give a Name to the variable and Select Data type as Object r13 13. Double click on Data Flow Task this will bring you data flow tab r14 14. We can use any kind of data source like Flat File Source, Excel Source, OleDb Source etc. I have Used OleDB Source, as per project requirement. So just drag and drop the OleDB source control from SSIS tool box to Data Flow Tab r15 15. Double Click on OleDB Source control and we will get the oleDB Source editor. Inside the Connection Manager we have to set the OleDB connection Manager. r16 16. Click on the New button and we will get the Configuration ole DB Connection Manager Window r17 17. Again, Click New button, put the server Name and Select the database Name in the Connection manager window and click ok. r18 18. Now select the Table Name r19 19. We can choose selected columns from the selected table, just go to the columns tab and unselect the checkbox beside the column and click ok. r20 20. Add another control into the Data Flow Tab called Record set destination r21 21. Connect the Ole DB source with Record set Destination using the bottom side of Ole Db source control. r22 22. Double click on the Record set Destination , we’ll get the Advance editor for record set destination, inside the component properties tab there is a custom property called Variable Name. Select the object type variable (that we have previously created). r23 23. Go to the next tab called Input columns and choose the columns as per your requirement, also we can set the usage type whether the columns are read only or read write type. After all required settings click OK. r24 24. Go to the control flow tab back and double click on the Script Task control. And set the Object type variable that we had created as Read Write variables. r25 25. Click on the Edit Script Button , this will open another project called Vista Project, Inside that project ScriptMain.cs is the class file, where we have to add some codes to access the Object type variable that we have passed from our SSIS package. r26 26. We’ll add a namespace for ole DB data adapter using System.Data.OleDb; And add some lines of code inside the main method or any other sub method OleDbDataAdapter da = new OleDbDataAdapter(); DataTable dt = new DataTable(); da.Fill(dt, Dts.Variables[0].Value); 27. Finally we can get all the records passed from our SSIS package inside the data table object. Output r27

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