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Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments

You have already deployed SharePoint Product technology for your organization as Content Management platform. More recently you may have deployed Office 365 or plan to. You may have both on-prep and O365. In addition you may have deployed or plan to deploy an Enterprise Search with MS Fast Search product technology.

With above scenario which is not very uncommon to come across nowadays since the adaption of SharePoint, Office 365 and the Fast Search. You are challenged with being able to successfully play out your business use cases along with underlying technical integration’s.

You are not alone!

Register for our upcoming Webinar where in collaboration with BA Insight our team of Netwoven experts will discuss and shed some light on these very same use cases and options to consider. 

  • Learn about the industry trends and some market data
  • Review Microsoft and IDC statistics
  • Why people are adopting more cautiously
  • Learn the patterns of adoption and the search strategy

Use Cases

How the uses cases are influencing the search strategy. We will discuss below use cases that are foundational to think through for your hybrid search strategy:

  • What if my content is all in cloud?
  • What about my different content sources?
  • How does content migration impact?
  • What is the scope of built in search ?
  • In a hybrid scenario could we split the search workload?
  • What about technical layer with Exchange, Lync and Yammer?
  • What about my content access scopes such as extranet, public site, intranet?
  • What about search driven navigation?
  • How about setting up extranet search with permissions?
  • Can we see our extranet from intranet?
  • What about index vs federate?
  • What is Hybrid Cloud – Hybrid Workload?

See you at the Webinar!


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