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Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design

Some people in the IT world use the terms Adaptive and Responsive interchangeably. True, both follow the progressive enhancement strategy and have a lot of similarities, but are definitely not the same when it comes to their implementation. Let start with the characteristics of Responsive Web Design.


  • Uses client scripts or media queries to control the design of the page
  • Relies on a fluid grid to shrink and expand to the screen size


  • TechCrunch
  • Boston Globe


  • Can use server or client scripts to determine the design of the page
  • Distinct templates geared for each device


  • Amazon
  • Yahoo

Here is a great infographic of some more similarities and differences

Adaptive Web Design vs. Responsive Web Design

Matthew Maher

About Matthew Maher

Matt Maher is a technical architect with Netwoven who has been working with Fortune 500 companies implementing large scale enterprise systems for the last 10 years.

Matt is an early member of the Netwoven team and has helped grow Netwoven from it’s infancy to the current stages. Matt is passionate about User Interface, SharePoint, Social, and Digital Marketing. His leadership and expertise have helped companies build intuitive, highly effective websites and applications.

Matt holds a BS in Computer and Informational Sciences from the University of Massachusetts.


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