February 09, 2016

3 Ways to Change the URL of a SharePoint list or library

3 Ways to Change the URL of a SharePoint list or library


Often we come up with a requirement of changing name and URL of list or library, but merely changing the name of the list or library from list or library settings -- > General Settings -- > List name, description and navigation  does not change the list or library URL.

There are several ways to change the URL and they are as follows:

1.  Using PowerShell

Changing the URL is possible by moving the root folder to a new URL. Here is a PowerShell script to change the URL of an existing library:

DM Blog2. Using SharePoint Designer

Open the site in SharePoint Designer, navigate to All Files in Site Objects.

Right click the list and click “Rename” to rename it or drag and drop to move it to another folder. For example a list can be moved outside “/Lists” and the URL will change from “webUrl/Lists/List1” to “webUrl/List1”.


3.  By Opening the List or Library in Windows Explorer

The process is similar to that of SharePoint Designer using Windows Explorer. To get to all files and folders of the site open a SharePoint document library with Windows Explorer by clicking “Open with Explorer” in the site ribbon.

blog 2

You can open the site in explorer directly from designer:

blog 2

Then in Windows Explorer move up in the folders hierarchy to show all the files and folders in the root of the site. You can rename a list/library and you can drag and drop the list’s root folder to add/remove parts of the URL as in the example with SharePoint Designer above.

Because standard lists don’t have the option in the Ribbon “Open in Explorer” you can use any document library just to get to the folders of the site as explained above and then find your list and rename/move it.



Though it is possible to change an existing URL list or library but Hyperlinks in Quick Launch will continue to point to the old URL of the list. Therefore, after changing the URL, you need to update the quick launch to reflect the new list name and URL from global navigation or pro-grammatically change if customized component dependencies are present.

3 Replies to “3 Ways to Change the URL of a SharePoint list or library”

  1. Is anyone aware of any knock on effects or ramifications of applying this change via the Windows explorer method (other than having to update the quick launch or other related navigation)?

    Great tip btw.

    1. Hi Shubham,

      Considering you are using either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 version.
      This threshold of 5000 is, in fact, a limitation SQL server table which holds lists or libraries user interface, which prevents users to view items exceeds the prescribed threshold. Microsoft recommends moving excess list or library items to another list or library in this scenario.

      By the way, providing below is a temporary workaround to cope with such limitations from SharePoint’s end :

      Increase List View Threshold from Central Admin Console > Manage Web Applications >On the ribbon click General Settings dropdown > Click on Resource throttling > Scale up the value of List View Threshold (default should be “5000”).

      Note: Increasing List View Threshold could substantially degrade SharePoint performance.

      See if this helps

      Thank you.

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