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Organization Insights & Storage Usage – Where can I find it?

Sometime back, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online introduced a preview feature called Organization Insights. It was also available as a solution you could import into your CRM organization.

Recently with latest updates if

  • You are not able to find Organization Insights Solution in marketplace or
  • You don’t see the Organization Insights Under settings site navigation
  • You want to see some usage statistics report but no easy way
  • You can’t find an easy way to see entities by top record count or table size

Well, you are not alone. Good news is, Microsoft recently launched a new admin center where we can find all this information without enabling any preview feature or installing any solution. It is readily available for all the organizations. To see this, please follow below steps

1. Go to https://admin.dynamics.com

2. You will notice that you are redirected to new admin center – https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/ , you can also go to this URL directly.

3. You will see the following screen and a few more options on the left side.

(Please note the new Report outage button, click on it only when your production system is completely down, no need to call helpline, somebody will contact you asap)

Organization Insights & Storage Usage - Where can I find it?

4. Click on Analytics

5. Then click on Common Data Service for Apps (if you are looking for Dynamics 365 or Customer Engagement, you won’t find it, it tells me that Microsoft is using Dynamics CRM platform for common data service for apps as well)

Organization Insights & Storage Usage - Where can I find it?

6. You will see a dashboard very similar to organization insight. Please note, last tab is for storage usage, where you can see storage for each entity by table size as well as row count.

Organization Insights & Storage Usage - Where can I find it?
Organization Insights & Storage Usage - Where can I find it?
Organization Insights & Storage Usage - Where can I find it?
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