April 23, 2019

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages


I was working with the migration of Jive content over Microsoft Office 365 for a couple of years. Based on my experience, I saw each company adopt jive as per their requirement and every migration is unique. When we are migrating the content to Office 365 objects, we keep 2 things in mind, first one is trying to understand the usage of Jive and second how best we can map them in Office 365 objects.

In my last migration project, we used modern SharePoint pages for migrating 2 major content types from Jive. Modern site page has come with at-least 5 new features, like

1. Modern Experience and SharePoint Framework

Modern page has come up with modern experience where all the OOTB webparts are client side. Create new custom SPfx webparts using of SharePoint framework means all the web parts are executed on the client-side performance is much better comparing the classic page.

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages


Users can directly add their comment in the page or publish a page on behalf of another user.

3. Promote

Create a page and then promote it as News or email it or add it in the Navigation

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages

4. Configure a Page approval workflow

Configure a flow for approval

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages

5. News

Modern pages come with an awesome feature “News”. Create a News Post from the home page directly or use a News Link to share an external news or may be news from other groups or Community!

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages

Jive Blogs, Documents and Modern SharePoint Pages

This is the first question comes when you think of migration. Should all my content types will be mapped to Office 365?

The Answer is “Almost Yes”. Migrating content from one platform to other cannot be identical, but yes, we try to map its best way.

Let’s first talk about blog and then documents which are written in Jive, collaborative documents. Both contain rich text with pictures and attachments. And at the same time, both have comments.

What is the best content type in SharePoint for jive blogs? In classic SharePoint, we can create a blog site. But in Modern? The Answer is Modern SharePoint News page.

Where will my comments go?

All comments including images, rich text (Yes HTML comments!) will be migrated as the Page comments. Here is an example of how blogs or collaborative documents are migrated.

Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages

What next?

Next, I will show you how the Jive pages (overview and secondary) are migrated to SharePoint. Meanwhile, if you have questions on the migration of Jive to Office 365 please feel free to reach out us.

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