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We Can - and Should - Keep Building the Future; Let’s Start Today

In the 21st Century, it is banal—but still true—that the only constant is change The last few weeks, or months in some cases, have thrust more change (of the negative variety) than we collectively were anticipating Netwoven would like to[...]

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Fast Track Your Modern Intranet Using Built-In Web Parts in SharePoint

Today’s intranet is an enabler and a day to day business tool for the user to start one’s workday Gone are the days when an intranet would need elaborate requirement study, custom development, choosing the right platform and of course a long[...]

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How To Estimate & Speed-up The Migration From SharePoint On-Premise To SharePoint Online

After several migrations executed from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online using multiple combinations of versions of both source and destination, I found Sharegate as one of the faster and more efficient options Let’s have an overview of[...]

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4 Ways to Migrate Jive Comments and Discussions to Office 365

What does communication refer to It can be a question & answer like asking a question to find a specific solution, it can be a conversation over a document, can be an event response or feedback or maybe a pure discussion on a topic Jive discussions[...]

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Data Flow in between Multiple SPFx Webparts using Dynamic Data

Sometimes two or more SharePoint Framework webparts of same page need same data or need to exchange data between each other This can be done in different ways like using: Dynamic Data, PnPClientStorage, rx-lite etc Dynamic Data is the recommended[...]

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