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Microsoft and Salesforce – Part 3

Dreamforce 2014 Announcement - Analytics Cloud from Salesforcecom I continue my series on Microsoft and Salesforce Collaboration In this article, I will be discussing about a latest analytical offering from Salesforce If you would like to read my[...]

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Microsoft and Salesforce - Part 2

Notes from the Salesforce Dreamforce Conference Matt Maher, Technical Architect and I were at the Salesforce conference for the last few days  There were several interesting announcements regarding the integration of Microsoft technologies and[...]

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Microsoft and Salesforce - Part 1

Why these companies need to collaborate With the world moving to the cloud, wouldn’t it be nice to have the two biggest cloud companies collaborate  Microsoft and Salesforce have finally announced a partnership and are looking to integrate[...]

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Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design

Introduction Some people in the IT world use the terms Adaptive and Responsive interchangeably True, both follow the progressive enhancement strategy and have a lot of similarities, but are definitely not the same when it comes to their[...]

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Maximizing Your Office 365 Investments With OneDrive

One of the most challenging thing organizations face today is to manage the amount of data produced on a daily basis IDC forecasts a 44% increase in data volumes between 2009 and 2020 which means content management will become tougher going forward [...]

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