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How Search Based Applications solve

Key facts: IDC estimates that in 2010 alone we generated enough digital information worldwide to fill a stack of DVDs reaching from the earth to the moon and back That’s about 12 zettabytes, or more than one trillion gigabytes - a 50% increase[...]

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Office 15 Features

The Office 15 release is going to be awesome! Here are some of my notes on the Office 15 features from the presentation:[...]

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Microsoft shakes the software business again with the purchase of Yammer

With the recent announcement of Yammer's purchase by Microsoft, the Social Media software companies are already scrambling to figure out their strategies  Just last week Oracle announced the acquision of Involver, a social media comany  This[...]

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What is an Executive Dashboard and why do I need one?

Everyone who drives a car understands the importance of a dashboard How fast are you going How much gas do you have left Are there any warning lights flashing[...]

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K2 BlackPearl Management Worklist Webpart Customization

In this blog post we will discuss K2 BlackPearl Mangement worklist webpart customization K2 offers Management Work list webpart and Work list webpart for managing work lists However, there are situations when the webparts need to be customized to[...]

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