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Best Practices for Microsoft Azure Information Protection

1 Microsoft Information Protection (capabilities) Sensitivity Labels: With sensitivity labels you can classify and help protect your sensitive content Protection options include labels, watermarks, and encryption Sensitivity labels use Azure[...]

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Building the Right Event Planning Team Using Microsoft Teams

People across organizations, especially in marketing plan and attend events and trade shows Trade shows are a great way to generate demand for your products or services However, planning and executing a successful event requires considerable[...]

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Brilliant ways to customize your Modern SharePoint Intranet

An Intranet is very important for consolidating information and improving communication across an organization irrespective of the size of business With changing workforce dynamics and distributed teams, employees work from remote locations (both[...]

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Jive Overview and Modern SharePoint Page with 10 Customized Webparts - Part 2

Introduction Migration does not only mean migrating the content to the new environment, we try to make the user’s new home as much helpful as possible For this, we came up with numbers of customized webparts where OOTB webparts are not sufficient[...]

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Jive Migration and Modern SharePoint Pages

Introduction I was working with the migration of Jive content over Microsoft Office 365 for a couple of years Based on my experience, I saw each company adopt jive as per their requirement and every migration is unique When we are migrating the[...]

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