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Office 365 Collaboration Tools: What to Use and When?

I am often asked the question from my customers as to which collaboration tool they should use in Office 365 The confusion is obvious With the rollout of Office Groups in 2015 and then Teams in 2017, Microsoft has increased the number of Office 365[...]

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How Azure Blob Storage is Redefining Big Data Platform?

Introduction As the Big Data landscape has evolved over the last decade, we have seen a gradual but a definitive shift in the design of the modern analytics platform from Hadoop based architecture to Apache Spark and/or Cloud-based architecture[...]

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Have You Adopted Microsoft Teams but Can’t Get Rid of Slack?

Have you adopted Microsoft Teams but cannot get rid of Slack Integrate the two to boost your Unified Communication strategy Did you plan the adoption of Slack in your organization Even if the answer is “No” it’s quite likely that Slack has[...]

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How to Export and Import Team Flows

Introduction I presume your interest in reading this blog is because you’ve faced a roadblock in reusing your workflow across different tenants, unless you simply like reading my blogs 😊 While many would lose interest in reading further[...]

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Dynamics 365 Portal: What’s Awaiting in the Latest April Release?

As promised, Microsoft has been providing regular updates to Dynamics 365 If you have already been using great new features from October 2018 release, and are looking forward to new features in next release – April 19, we have a piece of great[...]

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