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Are you paying too much for Salesforce Community Licenses?

An Office 365 case study on how you may get a big discount If you have googled into this article, it’s quite likely that you are looking for options to cut down on the Community Licensing you are paying to Salesforce  You surely have come to[...]

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Microsoft Search for the Modern Workplace

Overview Microsoft Search is an intelligent, enterprise search experience across Office 365 This search not yet includes all the apps but according to Microsoft road map this will be available in more and more apps across Microsoft 365 [...]

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Power Apps: A How-To Guide on Creating a Low-Code Business App

Technology in the modern day has two important premises: speed and convenience  And as a business, delivering on both these qualities is highly valued Yet, the apps we ourselves use to conduct business often lack these qualities, making it more[...]

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Takeaways on Microsoft 365 from the Ignite Tour

Introduction: Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a complete solution that intelligently empowers to work securely and creatively Microsoft 365 Enterprise is essentially designed for large organisations but is also suitable for medium-sized and small[...]

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Best Practices for Microsoft Azure Information Protection

1 Microsoft Information Protection (capabilities) Sensitivity Labels: With sensitivity labels you can classify and help protect your sensitive content Protection options include labels, watermarks, and encryption Sensitivity labels use Azure[...]

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