December 24, 2019

How To Use Graph API To Read Data From OneDrive For Business

In my last project, there was a requirement to analyze the user’s OneDrive data. For example, I needed to generate a report like if [···]

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June 20, 2017

Restrict OneDrive For Business Access

OneDrive For Business is an integrated service in O365 which originates with its root in SharePoint online. And a very generic need in most [···]

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February 08, 2017

OneDrive to Greatness- Microsoft’s File Share Product Is Even Better in 2017

As you know, we here at Netwoven have shared in great detail why we feel that Office 365 is, hands down, the best productivity [···]

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July 15, 2014

Maximizing Your Office 365 Investments With OneDrive

One of the most challenging thing organizations face today is to manage the amount of data produced on a daily basis. IDC forecasts a [···]

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