Case Study

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit


Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit District




Government Agency

Company Size


Netwoven Implemented

  • SharePoint Version Upgrade
  • Active Directory Transitions
  • SharePoint and Active Directory Managed Services
Netwoven has proven to be an outstanding partner in envisioning and implementing creative solutions for our Agency. They consistently deliver projects on time and on budget making planning much simpler. Netwoven’s reliability and expertise on multiple levels has enriched our relatively small IT staff’s ability to maintain a productive environment.
Dan Hurlbutt
IT Manager

About the Client

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is the San Francisco Bay Area’s newest transportation option for travel, offering passengers with rail service in Sonoma and Marin counties. SMART’s initial 43 miles of rail corridor includes 10 stations while they plan to extend it to 70 miles of passenger rail service, connecting SMART passengers with jobs, education centers, retail hubs and housing along the Sonoma-Marin corridor, that also includes a bicycle-pedestrian pathway.

SMART has used Netwoven as it's strategic partner for over 5 years. Netwoven's offshore team has assisted SMART using its managed services program to provide support for its SharePoint environment. Netwoven consultants manage the environment, perform regular updates, and provide emergency support.

Business Situation and Challenges

As a transportation company, SMART required a reliable, responsive and updated infrastructure to provide optimal services to public commuters. Their internal collaboration and infrastructure required constant monitoring and upkeeping so that their employees could focus on their main business – ‘Transportation’.

Netwoven has been a long-standing partner to SMART for almost a decade and stood all along their transitions from their Native On-premise Infrastructure to Hybrid Public Cloud Infrastructure. We have been successful in making key implementations and help achieve higher ROI for their Infrastructure costs in the following areas.

  • Daily monitoring and weekly reporting
  • Reducing downtime
  • Issue assessment and resolution of SharePoint and multiple Active Directory servers
  • On-demand or proactive upgrade of SharePoint platform
  • Monthly patching of SharePoint farm Servers and multiple Active Directory servers patching
  • Implementation of on-demand or proactive new technologies with features consultation and deployments


SharePoint Version Upgrade

Business Needs

  • Inability to use modern Intranet features and tools
  • Performance degradation due to outdated technology
  • Accumulation of orphaned contents due to content aging, resulting in broken links and performance hits
  • Non-compatibility between Source and Destination SharePoint platforms
  • Downtime constraints due to unsupported Microsoft software versions
  • A large count of objects in the source to assess and migrate
  • Unsupported contents for modernization of Intranet solutions



  • SharePoint 2010 Assessment, preparation, and cleanup for migration
  • Build temporary SharePoint 2013 staging environment
  • Detach-Attach migrate content databases to Staging SharePoint 2013, cleanup and upgrading databases
  • Finally, build a SharePoint 2016 environment and Detach-Attach migrate content databases from SharePoint 2013 Staging environment
  • Redesign target SharePoint 2016 landing page with latest features and functionalities



  • Improved and upgraded SharePoint features
  • Improved and reliable performance
  • New Look and feel, modern workplace induced into the collaboration space for SMART
  • New platform for easy transition and integration with Office 365


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Active Directory Transitions

Business Needs

  • DHCP and Primary Domain Controller (PDC) migration with scope, reservations, and leases
  • PDC having operating system Windows 2012
  • Presence of Multiple location wise Domain Controllers with Windows 2012 R2
  • Issues with Directory sync in certain locations
  • The risk for Time Sync issue with NTP



  • Prepare and configure Windows Server 2016 and make it PDC
  • Export DHCP from Old PDC to New Windows 2016 PDC with scope, reservations, and leases
  • Domain and Forest Roles Migration from Old PDC to New Windows 2016 DC
  • Demote Old PDC and Demote another DC as planned
  • Upgrading functional level of new Windows 2016 DC



  • Robust, up to date Active Directory infrastructure
  • Upgraded Physical infrastructure for better business continuity.
  • Getting rid of persistent issues with higher reliability and uptime.
  • Enhanced Directory features now available to SMART IT


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SharePoint and Active Directory Managed Services

Business Needs

  • Budget constraint for accommodating discrete professionals with varied expertise for end-to-end SharePoint Support
  • Finding and placing multiskilled professionals for end-to-end SharePoint support
  • Day-to-day user support on issues and enhancement requirements



  • End-to-end SharePoint infrastructure, multiple Active Directory servers and user support
  • On-premise and cloud (Office 365) compatible
  • Unlimited user support
  • SharePoint platform monitoring, reporting, and proactive maintenance
  • No overhead of building in house SharePoint expertise and operate at a lower cost
  • Access to the full range of SharePoint skills and expertise
  • Increase user adoption of your SharePoint platform



  • New improved monitoring and insights
  • More automation to bring accuracy and responsiveness of service
  • Better visibility of infrastructure, uptime and root cause detection
  • Enhanced reporting dashboard to include upgraded features and functionality
  • Better accountability and peace of mind for SMART IT


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