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Spectrum Health System


Spectrum Health System


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10,001+ employees

Netwoven Implemented

  • Jive to Office 365 Migration
Prior to our engagement with Netwoven we had estimated it would take our Information Services ten years to migrate our intranet content from Jive into Microsoft Office 365. With the help of Netwoven’s tool set and expertise we were able to reduce that time line to well under a year. Not only are we utilizing Microsoft SharePoint for our intranet but they assisted us in the setup and use of Microsoft Teams which allowed our organization to consolidate our intranet, collaboration and communication tools into one shared and integrated experience. This has been especially helpful during our work from home strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ryan Reifschneider
Manager, Information Services

Spectrum Health derives value and cost savings through consolidation of Jive into a modern Office 365 intranet

Partner Description

Netwoven Inc. a Microsoft Gold Partner in 7 competency areas, is a fast-growing professional service provider with the mission to enable intelligent enterprises though the design & deployment of solutions that innovate in the areas of Content Management, Knowledge insights, Business Processes and Information Security.


Spectrum Health Systems, commonly known as Spectrum Health, is a not-for-profit, integrated, managed care health care organization based in West Michigan, US. It is comprised of 12 hospitals and “Priority Health”, a health plan with over one million members. Spectrum Health is the largest employer in West Michigan with 31,000 staff, 1,600 physicians and advanced practice providers, including 1,600 members of the Spectrum Health Medical Group, and 3,200 volunteers.


The solution leverages nearly the full range of the Office 365 suite. This include MS Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and the Power Platform. The migration process itself especially made effective use of Power Platform tools - Power BI, Power Automate & Power Apps.

Solution Summary

Spectrum Health made heavy use of Jive for its internal needs. This platform facilitated collaboration and sharing for a diverse set of content (documents, discussions, blogs, videos, web pages, tasks and more). It also supported a variety of use cases including both open communities as well as secured collaboration for business groups and project teams. Although Jive served a valuable purpose, a couple of prominent issues arose. Firstly, despite its large overlap in functionality with office 365, Jive came with a considerable licensing cost. Secondly, the legacy system had an outdated information architecture, no longer accurately reflecting Spectrum Health’s current view of itself, making it difficult to find information. It was decided that a consolidated and modernized content & collaboration implementation in Office 365 would provide an answer to both problems, while also setting the organization on a path of continued innovation in partnership with Microsoft & Netwoven.

This transformation did not come without challenges. Aligning a large, diverse group with different interests on an agreed information architecture is not an easy task. Neither is providing a cohesive user experience that ensures business continuity throughout a large consolidation project. Netwoven assisted Spectrum Health through the facilitation of workshops where the attendees made decisions on architecture, governance, user experience & migration strategy. These included performing card sorting and tree testing activities to validate the decisions made. Netwoven also defined a robust and flexible migration processes, mapping every use case to Office 365 and providing stakeholders with a clear vision of the expected user experience. The final solution created a unified content collaboration experience for users that leverages the entire Office 365 suite. The rollout of this solution was accompanied with an extensive and targeted adoption program to ensure a smooth transition for the many different roles across their entire organization.


Spectrum Health was using Jive as their primary enterprise messaging and collaboration platform for several years. The platform was predominantly being used as a document repository by thousands of user groups and communities for sharing content, collaboration, managing projects and more. Jive was also used as a groups and community portals to share updates, news, discussions, events, conduct polls and more. Each user also had their personal space for managing private content. Jive’s adoption was quite encouraging in Spectrum Health. Despite the solid experience with Jive, Spectrum Health made decision to migrate from Jive, for several reasons:

  • Office 365 was adopted as enterprise emailing and messaging solutions. Other workloads of Office 365 came as bundled with the license, provides collaboration capabilities that greatly overlap with that of Jive. This questioned continued licensing for Jive as stand-alone collaboration platform.
  • Presence of multiple platforms would create confusion with the established processes.
  • Unification of the collaboration experience for the organization by consolidating on one platform.
  • Strategic alignment with Microsoft as content & collaboration partner of choice
  • Significant savings from annual Jive licensing cost

Spectrum Health was also exploring options to implement real time user collaboration through voice, video and messaging channels as these had become norm in industry. So, root level adoption of Office 365 was of great significance. The goal was to move towards a seamlessly integrated social collaboration experience and avoiding a disconnected experience across multiple tools and platforms. The dilemma was however, about migrating thousands of Jive communities and their conversations and content over to new platform (Office 365) while ensuring business continuity at its maximum efficiency. There was also huge concern on change of user experience that had become norm over past several years. Stakeholders expressed concern on potential loss of features and information due to unfamiliarity with Office 365 workloads in general. Of course, the overarching question was also about the cost, timeline and unknown risks from migration.

Solution Strategy

Spectrum Health utilized Netwoven to migrate the Jive content to Office 365 in the cloud. The effort encompassed more than 65,000 documents with versions, 30,000 blogs and 85,000 discussions and took about 20 weeks to complete the production migration. The migration process also includes support for 3 weeks. Besides migration Netwoven worked with Spectrum IT team on training to their users to SharePoint and MS Teams. Microsoft Teams was one of the favourite target containers for Jive Projects and Jive Groups migration.

In addition to the core content migration, Netwoven helped Spectrum Health to clean and restructure their Jive data. This seamless migration and overall Information architecture helped Spectrum Health to extend the use of MS Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for their future collaboration.

To help Spectrum Health transition over from Jive to Office 365, Netwoven designed a five-step flexible & customized migration strategy, based on the specific use cases and challenges anticipated by Spectrum Health. Netwoven’s experience from similar migration was factored in for perfection.

1. Migration readiness assessment (Discovery & analysis)

A migration readiness assessment is a process of gaining insights into the Jive content and their usage pattern and building a migration plan.

Specturm Health

Before starting the migration, Netwoven uses Power BI tool to create an interactive content inventory and analysis report which is an excellent way to determine.

  • what content exists in Jive, what needs to be migrated, what can be archived.
  • It helps to understand what the best mapping options for Jive content types and who are top contributors to notify about migration. 
  • This is one of the most powerful report, that gives the entire jive inventory with the user story behind it. 
  • This interactive Power BI report list all the places with their activity date and size, all files and documents with their metadata, blogs, discussions and questions, comments, events, videos, tasks, checkpoints and many more. Gives the ability to search, sort, and filter inventory information based on content type, status, and year of modification. 

Once the inventory and analysis report are ready, it will be easier to take important decision on migration, knowing what is needed and what is not. 

Next Netwoven arranged a workshop to get a full understanding of Spectrum Health’s organizational structure to make determinations on architecture structure and security model. After the workshop, the team did the following:

  • Proposed a target information structure to match Spectrum Health’s organizational structure and function
  • Created POC sites on all use cases discussed in the workshop
  • Created a detail Migration Strategy document content with container and content classification and their proposed target mapping. Addressed all the requirement to classify the content accurately and migrate related documents and discussions together into a group site with MS Teams as conversation channels.

2. Tool Customization

Jive to Office 365 Migration tool built on .Net and Microsoft SQL is owned by Netwoven is best suited for Jive data migration - this is the backbone of the migration process.

All Jive container and content types and nicely mapped with the Office 365 objects like SharePoint, MS Teams, Yammer.

The tool was customized to meet all the use case scenario for Spectrum like:

  • Created the SharePoint home page with OOTB & Custom web parts (e.g. Mosaic, featured content, Categories etc.) to allow the users to have a consistent experience from Jive
  • Custom SPFx webpart "Rich Text Editor" is created to solve the editor issue
  • Another SPFx webpart “Mosaic” is created to support the home page functionality

Specturm Health

3. Test & Pilot migration 

  • Test migration helps Spectrum Health to visualize the customization that was agreed on the workshop. Sites created on the production environment to replicate the same look & feel which was coming on the actual migration.
  • Pilot migration, to demonstrate how production migration would work and to test existing data in production, the team carried out a pilot migration exercise by mapping out content from few listed Jive places and applying the target information structure, classification, and metadata rules and then migrating to specific SharePoint site collections, MS Teams and OneDrive.

4. Final & Delta migration 

After the successful pilot migration, the team started the final migration. Team Came up with a big bang migration approach and phased delta migration to support the migration process of more than 10,000 containers including personal spaces

  • Customized the in-house tool for modular migration to speed up the migration process of terabytes of content to meet the timeline.
  • Mapped all the Jive projects to MS Teams and mapped the permission from their parent
  • Took the full advantage of Office 365 groups sharing and permission model to replicate the Jive sharing and permission model.
  • Tool not only migrate the content, it works on the SharePoint home page and customized the page with OOTB & Custom webparts to make the user feel more comfortable.
  • The team generated validation reports to ensure they had successfully migrated the entire content to the target location
  • Created a canvas Power APP helps the site owners as well as QA of the migration team to address the questions and issues related to migration very effectively and ensure that all issues are resolved in a timely manner

Specturm Health

5. Post migration support 

To ensure users could find the newly migrated content on the Office 365 platform, Netwoven provided 3 weeks post-migration support.

And also Netwoven implemented “URL Redirection” module which helps the user to find their Jive content easily.

specturm health

When the user pastes the old Jive URL in the browser, it will redirect them in this page with the new site’s URL. User can update their bookmark for future reference.


Spectrum Health was looking for an easier collaboration tool for its employees to find hospital documents, Operations, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, and other internal documents to support their daily activities. By working with Netwoven through initial assessment and PoC sessions, they realized that Office 365 provides a complete and modern environment to meet their expectations.

The migration helped Spectrum Health to rebuild their information architecture in O365. Hundreds of spaces/sub spaces were merged into one site based on their usage. Non-active sites were archived into a Team site. Personal documents and blogs migrated with their sharing features into one drive.

All relevant Jive content now migrated to Office 365, providing great benefits to end users, business units of the Company, IT staffs and the management as they now have access to all content (migrated from Jive and other content form Office 365) under one platform and have a consistent user experience for content usage. The end users were able to find information easily by navigating the portal and by using the search function than they were doing search in the Jive.

Above all, this new system resulted in cost saving and seamless integration with all cloud applications and increased end user satisfaction.