Case Study

USA based Healthcare Organization


A Large Healthcare Company




Hospital & Health Care

Company Size

10,001+ employees

Netwoven Implemented

Created a modern framework that easily extracted information from EPIC Screens

Improving How Doctors can see Patients' Vital Information

Customer Overview

One of the largest not-for-profit hospital providing health care services to the patients. They strive to be an industry innovator by integrating physical and mental health to ensure care of the whole person.


A large hospital in the USA wanted to improve the patient information available to doctors in the hospital. Earlier, doctors in the hospital used EPIC screens to obtain access to patient data.

The EPIC screens were difficult to read and access. It required a lot of time by doctors to review the patient's information.


Netwoven worked with the hospital to create a modern framework that easily extracted information from EPIC and displayed it to the doctors in a user-friendly manner with charts and graphs.

The application was built using open source technologies such as Angular 4, Node.js and D3.js. It was also integrated with EPIC and other APIs provided by the client systems. Netwoven's team of offshore and onshore consultants worked with the client using an agile approach and delivered the project in record time.

Sample data was provided to our offshore team for application testing. The onshore team worked with the client to assist with deployment and production rollout.


  • The application moved the hospital towards more modern technical framework that enabled them to make rapid changes to meet their customer (the doctors) needs
  • It also reduced the time the doctors took to review their vital information thereby increasing the number of patients a doctor could see in a given day


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