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Content and Collaboration

Knowledge Management in the past several years has not provided the desired results as it was focused primarily on capturing knowledge of individuals.  Today’s content and collaboration systems focus on capturing the knowledge via collaboration and by using collaborative tools.  Find out how Netwoven’s Content and Collaboration services can transform your workplace into a collaborative workplace.

Data and AI

Large volume data, sophisticated algorithms, and increased computation power have provided organizations the tools necessary to re-write business models and gain superior business advantage. According to McKinsey research, 45% of work activities could be automated by currently demonstrated technologies. Fint out how Netwoven’s data scientists can help to maximize the value of data and analytics.

Dynamics 365

According to Forrester, the focus on the customer now matters more than any other strategic imperative. The only source of competitive advantage is an obsession with understanding, delighting, connecting with, and serving customers. Find out how Netwoven’s consultants can help create strategies that provide insight into managing your customer data and processes.

Cloud Infrastructure and Management

All the organizations in the current technological era are heavily dependent on their Infrastructure management, which plays a critical role in operating the organizational private & public cloud workloads which supports the corresponding business applications and LOB’s. Find out how Netwoven’s consultants can help you in managing your IT infrastructure in a better way.

Security and Compliance

Netwoven offers a set of services to enable customers to meet these challenges head-on. Our experienced consultants with extensive industry and domain knowledge work with our clients to achieve their security and compliance objectives leveraging tremendous benefits offered through Microsoft’s comprehensive solution set.

Expert Staffing

Netwoven is committed to help employers find the right people they need. Our experienced expert staffing team is committed to providing our clients’ success and the careers of our candidates.

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