Dynamics 365 Finance

Boost profits with real-time and predictive financial insights

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Dynamics 365 Finance
Dynamics 365 Finance

Automate and modernize your financial operations

Finance is one of the most complex functions of any organization, involving mountains of data and requiring extensive reporting – general ledgers, fixed assets, receivables, payables, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, manufacturing, HR, cash management, etc. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, streamlining and automating key posting processes and management of your financial data occurs seamlessly, in addition to allowing for powerful turnkey connector-based integrations to your line of business systems. The result is a unified view of business and its fundamental financials, enabling you to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Strategize. Automate. Unify.

Strategize. Automate. Unify.

Built-in predictive analytics, multi-dimensional analysis, and rich business intelligence capabilities allow you to manage, plan, and analyze your financials and generate real-time insights into business performance, so you can see trends as they unfold and make operation adjustments in advance. Built top Microsoft Azure, and tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics Finance provides limitless extensibility opportunities through its modern architecture, making connecting to workflow processes, machine learning, and custom applications both scalable and dependable. Built for the cloud, Dynamics 365 Finance isn’t like the monolithic ERP systems of the past. Always on, perpetually updated, and continuously evolving and improving, Dynamics 365 Finance will be the solution you can count on for years to come.

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Advanced Features of Dynamics 365 Finance

Advanced Features of Dynamics 365 Finance

Embedded Business Intelligence
Know the state of your business in real-time and chart your future with Power BI. Slice and dice your data in exciting new ways so you truly understand where you are and where you’re going.

Dimensional Accounting
Gone are the days of bloated, ineffective charts of accounts. With Dynamics 365 dimensions, you can create a financial structure that finally fits the way you do business.

Global Capabilities
Feel free to do business around the world with financial management ready for 37 countries and 42 languages out of the box. Automate foreign exchange calculations and regulatory compliance with ease.

Flexible Customization
From workflows to your entire workspace, role-based customization empower employees to work faster and smarter with more time to focus on priority tasks.

Recurring Revenue Management
Subscription-based companies will love the ease with which you can automate recurring billing and meet new revenue recognition standards with accurate calculations and reporting.

All-in-One Integration
Enjoy an automated flow of data between Dynamics 365 applications, Microsoft 365 applications and templates, Power Platform apps, and third-party systems and data.

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Fortune 500 companies using Dynamics 365 worldwide
increase on productivity
$ 17USD
average RoI for every dollar investment
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In-depth analysis of the existing environment, workshop for discover planning, and defining the target architecture
Interactive engagement involving training, briefing, assessments and/or demo
Proof of Concept
Ensure access to required systems is ready, utilities work as configured, necessary permissions are in place, and the migration process is primed from a technical perspective
Aligns technology outcomes with the desired business outcomes, to ensure the expression of the software properly and completely meets the underlying business needs.
Provides the cohesion between your deployment and your overall business process in a meaningful and seamless way.
Adoption and Change Management
Offer effective communications plans, community support and outreach programs, targeted training, strategic change management, and success metrics
Managed Services
Gives you the peace of mind that your deployment will always be ready to meet ongoing daily business challenges, by providing on-demand access to support, near and real-time monitoring, and long-term ongoing enhancement capabilities.

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