Use Dynamics 365 web portals to set up a web-based sales, services, support, and social engagement application platform to connect with the customers

Dynamics 365 Portal Services

Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 web portals

In today’s scenario, the consumer and/or your partners want to drive a relationship with your enterprise. They can purchase nearly any product or service without talking to a human; then why should the customer experience be any different?

Developing an internet facing web portal where your customers or partners can log in and interact with your customer data directly is a time consuming and expensive process. Dynamics 365 provides a robust platform to build and manage such portals natively, where we can build portals in just a few hours.

Dynamics 365 has a Portal add-on that helps us to provision a portal using existing templates for Customer Portal, Partner Portal, and Employee Self Service. We can also build a custom portal from scratch. You also get access to third-party portal add-ons such as Peak Portal that provides similar functionality.

We at Netwoven, help analyze and deploy these portals, provide rapid development, training, and support for end users to get your team instantly productive. Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Road-map Development
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
  • Integration and Migration

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Benefits of Customer Portal

Smoothen your business operations and strengthen your customer relationships



Provide your customers with real-time access to data – they can see the status of their relationship with your company, without guessing the key details.


Customize the data your customers see – let your customers drill deeper into company details, access historical data, schematics etc.


This is the secret sauce of the portal – the ability to access without intervention by your support team. This minimizes inbound calls, freeing up your human capital for more urgent, mission-critical issues.
Increased Sales

Increased Sales

By providing access to quotes and products, “upsell” consumers while they are within the portal.
Increased Satisfaction

Increased Satisfaction

By allowing customers to check the current status of their orders, tickets, repairs, to make them feel like they’re truly in control of their fate – fostering a greater sense of inclusiveness and satisfaction.
Increased Interaction

Increased Interaction

The portal can be a true two-way conduit between you and your customer, allowing them to append notes, images, and other attachments that may add insights and relevance to your relationship.
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