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A Gulp Task for Uploading Files to SharePoint

While customizing a SharePoint site, have you ever felt the need of a better way to upload the assets to a[...]

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According to Gartner, roughly 80% of an organization’s information is unstructured content in documents, emails, social sites. Yet, organizations only spend 20% of their IT budgets on solving document related problems leading to compliance and legal issues, and reduced efficiency in finding information.

Netwoven has worked with organizations in many industries to help manage their document lifecycle. Whether your content exists in DropBox, Google Drive, Jive, Lotus Notes, Documentum, Livelink, Filenet, Fileshares or other document management repositories, our consultants can create a comprehensive strategy and realize the benefits of implementing the various components for managing your documents. Our services include:

  • Information Architecture
  • Taxonomy and ontology management
  • Search management
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Automating business processes for content management

Netwoven’s approach can help create a single repository or a distributed repository to manage the content depending on your needs.

Our Taxonomy and Ontology expertise can provide you with a rich set of meta data that can be automatically applied to content to increase its richness and thereby improve findability of the content.

The creation of automated business processes provide governance for the management of content.

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