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Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) Migration to Microsoft 365

Why to migrate from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and other EFSS tools to Microsoft 365

Does your organization currently use more than one Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution? Are you interested in evaluating or executing a consolidation from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar to Microsoft 365?  If so, you are one of many organizations that through acquisition, or just evolution of workforce productivity tooling, are in a position where consolidating into Microsoft 365 makes sense.

At face value, EFSS transitions to Microsoft 365 may seem simple… and in some regards they are.  However, there are a number of key areas where complexity and known issues can result in a far-from optimal result, if you migrate without the necessary considerations.  Some of the fundamental differences in the way that EFSS solution providers approach building their offerings which necessitate few considerations.

Considerations for EFSS to Microsoft 365 Migrations

Considerations for EFSS to Microsoft 365 Migrations

  • Comprehensive Migration Strategy Preparation
    Design and execute a migration process that includes test, pilot, full, and delta migrations to maximize efficiency, minimize issues, and minimize impact to the business.  Also, understand all of the complexities prior to the migration and make educated decisions about how best to deal with them (Orphaned Files, Unsupported file types, File path too long, Large Files, etc.)
  • Understand your Inventory
    Make educated decisions about what to migrate and what to leave behind, how many versions to bring, and more.  Don't waste $$$ and effort on stale or unnecessary data.  Also, ensure that you clearly understand your existing information architecture, permissions, file sizes, orphaned files, etc. so that your migration strategy is tailored to address all scenarios with a solution that works best for your organization
  • Team Collaborative vs. Personal Content
    Because each OneDrive is owned by a single user and that OneDrive expires in association with that user's leaving the organization, OneDrive is not the best location for all content.  Avoiding unnecessary additional migration activities after a user leaves your organization is dependent on your ability to identify "team collaborative" content and promote that content to be housed in  SharePoint Sites, MS Teams, or Yammer Communities.  Netwoven' s comprehensive reporting and analysis help you define and map content into an optimal Information Architecture to avoid this common mistake.

  • Flexibility in use of migration tooling
    Netwoven is familiar with a variety of tools that range in features and costs and will help your organization decide on the best tooling for your project needs and budget.
  • Scripted Data Cleanup
    Rather than having all of your users spend hours of their time searching and cleaning up content before the migration, we help provide reports and can even scripts to help with cleanup activities so that your post-migration information architecture and user experience is optimal.
  • Migrate External Shares
    Many organizations use EFSS systems to externally share data.  Rather than losing all of these external shared during the migration and ask your users to re-share everything, it can be helpful to migrate these shares as a part of the migration.
  • Multiple locations / Dealing with duplicates
    Although Google and some of the other players in the EFSS game are changing their tune and reducing some of the complexity they created through multi-parenting and multiple locations of the same file, this is not going to entirely disappear.  Ensuring that your migration strategy and tooling address this difference between other EFSS solutions and Microsoft 365 is essential.  Pick a partner like Netwoven that already has reports, scripts, and strategy to ensure your migration completes without duplicates and with a business continuity plan that doesn't negatively affect the collaboration and co-authoring experience of your users.

  • Filetype Support
    There are many nuances to which types of files can be migrated.  Ensure that your chosen partner can articulate what these are and how to address them
  • Adoption & Change Management
    This is an essential element of every migration project.  Having a partner that comes prepared with communications plans, communications sample copy, Training Plans, sample FAQ's with modern styling for SharePoint Online, experience with creating and editing training videos, templates for SharePoint Online Help Centers, and more provide a significant advantage to your organization in this transition.
  • Link Lookup Utility
    With the lack of support for vanity domains and the use of advanced HSTS and certificate pinning, the option to support a redirect module is not one that works well with EFSS migrations.  However, it is important to help bridge the gap and help users find their data.  Netwoven provides a link lookup utility so that users can easily copy links and find out where that content now exists in Microsoft 365 after the migration

  • Link Update Utility
    Many organizations that we have worked with user Jira, Confluence, and other systems that have reference links back to Google Drive.  We have created tooling to actually update the links in these systems to refer to the new target locations in Microsoft 365 to create an optimal user experience post-transition.
  • Project Management
    Netwoven has a team of tenured Engagement Leads that help drive clarity, precision, and a high level of success in your EFSS migration projects.
  • Dealing with Unique Situations
    Experience, Flexibility, and Scripting Expertise - Our talented team has created numerous scripts to work around tool limitations and tailor our migration to each customer's unique needs (pre-migration configuration scripts, Retrieving and creating shareable links, enumerate group membership, adding and removing users and permissions, Label mapping, post-migration clean-up).  Each project presents some unique challenges and considerations.  Ensure you pick a partner that has the flexibility and experience to efficiently work through these.

However, with the right partner, these transitions can be completed efficiently and with high ROI.  Netwoven clearly distinguishes itself from the crowd with our innovative and comprehensive tooling and approaches to address each of the above issues.

Netwoven's global delivery team, extensive experience, and reusable processes, code and assets enable us to provide a one-stop shop, great pricing and the highest quality for your complete transition from existing EFSS solutions to Microsoft 365.  Netwoven is also very familiar with the freely available Microsoft Tooling and FastTrack Migration offers that service parts of these migrations - Although these options do not provide the depth in functionality needed by all customers, understanding your low / no cost options and their limitations for parts of the migration is important when you want to ensure that cost efficiency is key influencer in your decision making process.

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