Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to Microsoft 365 Migration

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration

Does your organization currently have both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 or are you looking to move off Google Suite into Microsoft 365?  If so, you are one of many organizations that through acquisition, or just evolution of workforce productivity tooling, are in a position where consolidating into Microsoft 365 makes sense.

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) to Microsoft 365 migrations are multi-faceted due to the plethora of workloads/tools that make-up each of the suites and can at times be complex due to some of the fundamental differences in the way that Google and Microsoft cater to their customers.  However, with the right partner, these transitions can be completed efficiently and with great ROI.

Many Microsoft partners have a good story and experience around the migration of Gmail to Exchange.  Fewer have a complete story and the ability to work properly through a Google Drive to OneDrive / SharePoint Online migration. Very few organizations have experience and the ability to deliver on Google Workspace migrations that include:

  • Google Sites
  • Google Groups
  • Google Identity / SSO Apps
  • Compliance and Retention Policies
  • Information Security & Protection Policies
  • Tactical Solution Design for additional feature mapping (Labels, permissions / sharing, etc.)

Netwoven’s global delivery team, extensive experience, and reusable processes, code, and assets enable us to provide a one-stop-shop, great pricing, and the highest quality for your complete G Suite to Microsoft 365 migration.  Netwoven is also very familiar with the freely available Microsoft Tooling and FastTrack Migration offers that service parts of these migrations – Although these options do not provide the depth in functionality needed by all customers, understanding your low / no-cost options and their limitations for parts of the migration is important when you want to ensure that cost efficiency is a key influencer in your decision making process.

For more information specifically about Google Drive Migrations and the key differentiators that Netwoven provides – Please see our EFSS Migration Offering page!


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