Jive to Office 365 Migration

  • Are you paying more for collaboration because you use both Jive and Office 365?
  • Are you frustrated with the changes and uncertainty that have resulted from the Aurea acquisition?
  • Are you already looking to modernize and migrate your intranet away from Jive?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, you are joining a growing exodus of companies that are looking to make this change. Netwoven is the industry leading and go-to partner for organizations that are looking to move away from Jive. Over the last 5 years, we have built flexible migration tooling, a comprehensive & intuitive change management program, extensive experience and a rockstar team to ensure that your outcome is a success.

Why choose Office 365 over Jive?

  • Office 365 is a Central Hub of collaboration with MS Office, MS Exchange, SharePoint Online and discussion channels like MS Teams or Yammer. A perfect team Collaboration suite
  • All of the Jive objects are nicely mapped with SharePoint online + Yammer/MS Teams
  • SharePoint provides a robust and intuitive UX for sharing content with your organization, support versioning in all levels
  • Jive users find high similarity with O365 permission and sharing model.
  • Over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies already using Office 365

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Jive to Office 365 Migration

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Introducing Netwoven Jive to Office 365 Migration

Netwoven Jive to Office 365 migration service lets organizations consolidate Jive content into Office 365 and help them maximize their investment




  • Understanding of existing content, structure and usage pattern
  • Reach out to stakeholders & users for their priorities and constraints


  • Proprietary tool(s) to overcome limitations of commercially available tools
  • Maximize throughput and efficiency
  • Flexible content mapping
  • Effective processing of delta content for minimizing downtime
User Permission & Mapping

User Permission & Mapping

  • Handling of inactive users​
  • Dealing with external user access​
  • Transform Jive permission model to SharePoint model​


  • Validate item count, metadata values
  • 100% validations using automation testing


  • Considering business priorities and constraints, group Jive in waves
  • Effective utilization of migration resources
Communication Planning


  • Strategic change management
  • Effective communications plans
  • Community, support and outreach programs
  • Targeted training
  • Measure success


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Migration Approach

Jive to Office 365 Migration Process


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Why Partner with Netwoven?

Netwoven is the trusted and reliable choice for many large and medium sized customers. Netwoven has deployed Office 365 to over .5 Million users at some of the biggest brands including Juniper Networks, Safeway, Shoretel and Flex


Agility / Fast Response when you need it

You want fast response and deployment times from experienced experts.


Solutioning Approach Tailored for your Business

Netwoven delivers intranet projects 20% faster. Netwoven’s Intranet in a Box takes an 80/20 approach to delivering the most common functionality out of the box and works with you to quickly customize the remaining items.

global delivery

Global Delivery Model for a Better Client Experience

Netwoven’s accelerated global delivery model means the project team works with you in your time zone AND around the clock. This model enables Netwoven to provide a better client experience at a lower project cost.


Full Service Solutions

Netwoven provides its services in the following forms of workshops, jumpstarts, strategy and planning sessions, and turnkey projects.


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