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Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration

It will not be wrong to begin this article with the assumption that you like millions of other organizations[...]

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Today many IT managers are struggling to maximize their investments in Office 365.  This has nothing to do with the technology but more to do with the lack of a plan for adoption of these services.  Enterprises have done very well with the adoption of Enterprise Applications like SAP, Oracle, and others but have not spent time with the adoption of collaboration technologies.

Netwoven has extensive experience in helping organizations increase adoption of Office 365.  Our consultants have experience in working in a heterogeneous environment with tools Jabber, Zoom, WebEx, Slack, DropBox, Box.NET, G Suite and many other tools with Office 365.

Our comprehensive Adoption services touches on the following areas:

  • Use case definitions
  • Champion program
  • Training program
  • Communication program
  • Support program
  • Governance program

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