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Have You Adopted Microsoft Teams but Can’t Get Rid of Slack?

Have you adopted Microsoft Teams but cannot get rid of Slack Integrate the two to boost your Unified Communication[...]

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Netwoven’s planning and deployment services support all technologies, capabilities, and features currently available for Microsoft Teams along with any upgrades and feature enhancements to ensure our clients are offered the best and latest in Microsoft Teams and Office 365. It offers end-to-end Planning and Deployment Services including Implementation Requirements, Planning Considerations, Permissions, Microsoft Teams Provisioning, Testing, Installation, Setup and Administration.

  • Assessment of Traffic (O365 and Teams Client, Peer to Peer communication, Conferencing Traffic)
  • Bandwidth and technical capacity
  • Office 365 licensing agreement compatibility with Teams
  • Your Office 365 domain
  • Identity authentication models
  • Understanding of the Integration with SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, One Drive for Business, OneNote and Skype for Business Online.
  • Configurations, Customizations and Extensibility options in Teams and Channels specific to the needs of your Organization as well as Configuration and Control around Third-party External Apps.
  • Solutions for Document Synchronization, Backup and Restore procedures and options.
  • Training, Documentation and Knowledge Transfer for your key Stakeholders as well as all end-users and employees.
  • Governance strategy to define who will manage the environment or overall platform and define the related granular roles and responsibilities, required restrictions and enterprise compliance policies within an organization to establish rules for its appropriate usage.
  • Auditing and Reporting – interfaces with the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center to configure the level of audit reporting logs and security alerts
  • Data Retention Policies – Configure and set up data retention policies for channel messages and communication

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