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The definition and the demands of a modern workplace are undergoing a rapid transformation. Enterprises need to support employees that are working remotely and those that are constantly on the move. In addition to that, with fast-paced changes to business needs, it’s critical that enterprises can make important business decisions swiftly and accurately. Businesses can no longer afford to wait for months or even weeks to build applications, automate processes or derive value from the data that they own. It’s essential to empower the key stakeholders and power users with the tools and applications that they can leverage to drive profitability for the company.

The Microsoft Power Platform is one connected platform that empowers your businesses to innovate and make business-critical decisions. The Power Platform brings together powerful tools such as PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI. Combined, the Microsoft Power Platform helps you easily build business apps, streamline workflow automation processes and enable you to derive and share rich insights from your data.

Netwoven specializes in empowering organizations by envisioning, building and deploying business applications on the Microsoft Power Platform. Schedule an appointment with us to know more about the interactive jumpstart program.

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How Power Platform Helps?

Improve productivity across your business with an integrated application platform




  • Build actionable, enterprise-class, mobile-ready business apps in hours rather than months.
  • Integrate data from on-premises as well as cloud services seamlessly in one single platform
  • Use low-code/no-code platform and Excel-like expressions to build your logic and data validations.


  • Automate your business process efficiently and effectively to ensure consistent processing
  • Easily connect to hundreds of data sources and popular services through a drag and drop interface
  • Incorporate powerful actions to make decisions when certain conditions are met, or events triggered


  • Make sense of your data through interactive, visually appealing, real-time dashboards and reports​
  • Unlock the insights from your data that power decision making processes in your enterprise​
  • Foster a data-driven culture by enabling self-service BI for consumption by everyone​


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Getting Started with Power Platform

Netwoven’s “Power Platform Jumpstart” program takes a deep dive into developing business applications effortlessly using PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI using low-code/no-code platform. This engagement comprises of building a sample working application in your environment and delivering a hands-on workshop.

This Jumpstart Program is ideal for groups of IT Developers and Power Users.


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Why Partner with Netwoven?

Netwoven is the trusted and reliable choice for many large and medium sized customers. Netwoven has deployed Office 365 to over .5 Million users at some of the biggest brands including Juniper Networks, Safeway, Shoretel and Flex


Agility / Fast Response when you need it

You want fast response and deployment times from experienced experts.


Solutioning Approach Tailored for your Business

Netwoven delivers intranet projects 20% faster. Netwoven’s Intranet in a Box takes an 80/20 approach to delivering the most common functionality out of the box and works with you to quickly customize the remaining items.

global delivery

Global Delivery Model for a Better Client Experience

Netwoven’s accelerated global delivery model means the project team works with you in your time zone AND around the clock. This model enables Netwoven to provide a better client experience at a lower project cost.


Full Service Solutions

Netwoven provides its services in the following forms of workshops, jumpstarts, strategy and planning sessions, and turnkey projects.


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