Microsoft 365 Tenant Split/Merge

Merge, split or move between tenants

Tenant Split and Merge

Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

Properly managing your Microsoft 365 tenants during M&A and divestitures is critical, and very expensive should they not be done right the first time.

It’s a real challenge to avoid massive business disruptions while carefully managing intellectual property, security, and compliance. Most teams don’t have the opportunity to gain proper experience in this area.

 We at Netwoven have a team of experts with experience in this area who can guide you through in the following areas of your Microsoft 365 tenant merge or split:

  • Data analysis
  • Data infrastructure analysis
  • Recommend migration tools
  • Create a migration strategy
  • Perform the migration, or guide your IT team to do so
  • Manage the cut-over to the new environment
  • Aid in decommissioning the legacy system
  • Assist in Adoption and Change Management via training and documentation

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