Data and Business Analytics

Convert organizational data into insightful analytics

data and business analytics

Transforming your Business through Data-driven Insights and Action 

In this hyper-connected age, data is the currency of the business. Organizations around the world are constantly looking for meaningful ways to interpret critical business data to unlock key intelligence and insights. Our Data Analytics Practice is structured to help you understand your business better so as to make smart decisions that drive efficiency and profitability. No matter where your data resides or in what form, we leverage industry-leading tools and techniques to connect, cleanse transform, and interpret your data in order to help you maximize your business objectives.

The services that we offer are:

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Data Warehouse and Data Marts

  • Develop enterprise wide business data strategy, guidance and roadmap specifically focused on business intelligence and analytics so that you can derive the maximum benefit based on your data and your objectives.
  • Leverage suitable on-premise or cloud technologies and platforms to provide you with consistent and fast data stores for your single source of truth data
  • Design and build scalable and reliable enterprise data warehouse solutions using your transactional / operational data to provide you the knowledge to make vital business decisions and get answers.
  • Build efficient data processing and integration pipelines necessary for aggregating and manipulating data for your reporting and analytics needs
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Data Mining

  • Partner with you to understand your needs, provide advice and design an custom tailored data mining solution to mine and translate various sources of data such as structured data, web data, social media data, logs, images and documents
  • Utilize premier data mining tools and techniques to help you interpret your business data accurately to identify trends, patterns, outliers and associations across diverse verticals such as retail, manufacturing, finance and healthcare
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Insights as a Service

  • Provide an analytical and reporting platform as a service that you can leverage to store, manage and visualize your data to generate insights
  • Syndicate your data with relevant domain or industry data wherever required to provide you with deep, relevant and actionable insights at a fraction of cost and time


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