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With exploding volumes of data and rapidly evolving computing technology, organizations are increasingly making use of scientific methods, statistical models and algorithms to extract and process data to drive business growth and efficiency. The goal of our experienced Data Science and AI Practice is to enable organizations like yours to gain insights, find patterns and detect trends to improve efficiency and profitability of your business using Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Learning techniques.

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Machine Learning

  • Provide guidance and counselling on the Machine Learning platforms, tools and algorithms that’s best suited to solve your business problems and accelerate innovation
  • Leverage Machine Learning algorithms and Industry leading frameworks and libraries to extract valuable insights and features from huge workloads of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data sources.
  • Build trained data models from your data to further your organizations goals such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, threat prevention, risk mitigation, anomaly detection, churn management and many more
  • Develop interactive analytics and visualizations in context so that your decision makers and scientists can explore, analyze, imagine and uncover new business opportunities.
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Data Engineering

  • Partner with your Data Scientists, Modelers and Analysts to review and analyze the data requirements for your Data Science and Big Data endeavors
  • Design and Build a secure, reliable, scalable and fault-tolerant end-to-end Data Pipeline from Data Ingestion to Data Cleaning and Transformation to Data Storage and Visualization.
  • Develop prototypes and pilots to validate approaches prior to production rollouts to incrementally add value in augmenting your data landscape
  • Maintain and optimize data storage structures and distributed systems required for all of your data processing needs and ensure that the data conforms to identified standards and best practices
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Data Science Tooling

  • Architect and build custom production grade applications and tools that your scientists and modelers can leverage to improve efficiency, increase consistency and automate time-consuming, error-prone, repetitive work.
  • Augment your Big Data or Data Science Team with our experts and analytics professionals who can help you build, test and deploy the tools
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Cognitive Computing and Deep Learning

  • Assist you in navigating the landscape and comprehending the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you envision opportunities and solutions that will benefit your organization.
  • Harness the power of Cognitive Services and Toolkits along with Deep Learning practices and algorithms to help you build the next generation of innovative transformational products and applications


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