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Organizations universally are now facing a major challenge in the deluge of data and their ability to decipher it to derive the right business value out of it. To that effect, data visualization tools are all about making meaning out of the data while maintaining the clarity, brevity, coherence, and articulation of pictorially represented data. Unfortunately, it is also on record that many data visualization activities result in flashy visuals, unrelated pictorial mapping, or obscure charts, thereby leading to ineffective and pretty confusing outcomes that defeat their true purpose. The challenge lies in collecting and cleansing the enormous volumes of data that enterprises generate, and finding the meaningful ways in which it could be presented for different levels of users in the organization. This would then provide actionable intelligence triggering a data-centric behavioral change in the way business is conducted. To deliver on the promise of data centricity, one needs a team that is proficient in leveraging various tools and technologies that can deliver smart data visualization solutions.

Netwoven’s data visualization team provides the following services:

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Planning and Design Services

Visualization is an integral component of any data analytics as it allows users to intuitively spot trends, track KPIs, easily identify outliers and presents comparisons of the performance of different business entities e.g., categories, products, brands, etc. While the goal remains clear, we also understand that the requirement is unique for every organization and hence deciding on a right sized solution could become challenging given the organizational goals, needs and audience. With our consulting expertise, we offer you a comprehensive solution path starting with the assessment to recommendation. Our approach includes:

  • Analysis of your current reporting and visualization tools and methodologies for any improvements
  • Analyze the data
  • Understand and define business metrics
  • Understand the user roles that will consume the metrics
  • Define visualizations to support the business metrics for the specific roles
  • Conduct Proof of Concept to finalize the visualization
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Implementation Services

Our implementation services provide development, deployment, adoption, and maintenance services. Our data visualization experts offer a rare combination of UI/UX expertise, proficiency with a diverse set of BI tools, design and aesthetics in visualization skills. They apply their expertise to create actionable insights from a multitude of information datasets and ensure prompt user adoption by visually presenting the data in the most meaningful way. We apply a collaborative, iterative and design-thinking framework to provide a gainful user experience to maximize your business intelligence ROI. Organizations derive the following benefits when working with Netwoven to realize their visualization dreams:

  • Effective and concise visuals
  • Multi-platform delivery


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