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Installing and configuring the Lotus Domino Server – Part 1

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According to a recent survey by Microsoft, the average enterprise has an astonishing 48 disparate systems including 2.7 ERP and over 3 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems. Google reckons that over 5 Exabytes of data, or as much information had been created from the dawn of civilization up until 2003, is now being created every two days! The bulk of this content is unstructured (up to 95% according to HP). Netwoven has worked with large and small organizations to help define and implement their search strategy to harness information that exists in organizations.

Netwoven’s team can help you create a search strategy and help implement search strategies. Below is a summary of our capabilities:

  • Search Based Application
  • Search Based Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge Management
  • Text Analytics

Netwoven’s methodology blends the requirements with years of experience of Netwoven consultant’s to design and implement an enterprise search strategy that makes findability of content easy. Key features of Netwoven’s search implementations include:

  • Rich result set
  • Type head capability
  • Advanced refiners related to the business
  • Search results include structured and unstructured content
  • Tag Cloud Integration
  • Meta data integration

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