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Six Ways A Customer Portal Can Connect Your Enterprise

A quick check of iTunes reveals a stark truth – there is no such thing as a greatest hits album for on-hold[...]

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Developing an internet facing web portal where your customers or partners can login and interact with your CRM data directly, has been a time consuming and expensive process. Dynamics 365 provides a robust platform to build and manage such portals natively, where we can build portals in a matter of hours. Dynamics 365 has a Portal Add On that can help us to provision a portal using existing templates for Customer Portal, Partner Portal and Employee Self Service or we can build a custom portal from scratch. There are third party portal add-ons such as Peak Portal that provides similar functionality. We at Netwoven, help analyze and deploy CRM portals, rapid development, training and support for end users to get the your team instantly productive. Our services include consulting, roadmap development, implementation, quality assurance, maintenance, integration and migration. Below is a summary of our capabilities:

  • Customer Portal
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Custom Portal
  • Integration
  • Workflows and Rules
  • Reports & Analytics