Intelligent Communications

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Intelligent communications deliver immersive experiences that help organizations boost productivity. People can work more efficiently across teams and stay connected wherever they are, on any device. You can make the most of this opportunity by offering integrated messaging, calling, and meeting solutions built on Microsoft 365.

Phone System

Traditionally, the most important business service has been the PBX or Phone System. If the phone system is not able to handle the modern demands of your employees, then what can you do? Today, the cloud is the best option to offload the costs and overhead of providing effective business services to employees.

Microsoft has a long history of developing and providing phone system services to enterprise customers. The latest rendition is Microsoft Teams, which was born out of Skype for Business.

Netwoven has highly experienced phone system architects and engineers. Ask us about what we can do for you in the following areas:

  • Cloud based phone system deployment
  • Best practices for modernizing your phone system for today’s information worker
  • Plan and deploy phone system devices from Poly and AudioCodes for Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced integration with existing telephony equipment, services and devices

Rooms and workspaces

Businesses need areas in which to simply and effectively collaborate. The traditional conference room has been overburdened with complex and confusing technological solutions. If your employees must spend more than a few minutes to setup a conference call, then your business is losing money.

Netwoven is highly skilled in working with businesses to optimize and declutter conference rooms and workspaces. Let us show you how to leverage the following capabilities:

  • Simplified meetings
  • One touch-join
  • Add nearby meeting room (Proximity sensors)
  • Room and workspace solutions from Poly, AudioCodes, Microsoft and Crestron

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