Cloud-Native Development

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Cloud-Native Development

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It’s often been said that the cloud is really just “someone else’s computer”. While that is certainly true, as could deployments naturally eliminate a significant amount of server and network infrastructure for traditional workloads, the cloud has blossomed into a unified suite of varying services that extend well beyond the virtual machines and SQL storage of yesteryear. The modern cloud provides a litany of turnkey services, intelligent integrations, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language capabilities, and bot technology, just to name a few. Market competition drives an ever-increasing diversity and flexibility of services debuting at an ever-dizzying rate.

The depth and breadth of these offerings has changed a lot more that simply were applications, services, or servers are hosted. It’s re-shaped the way we architect, develop, integrate, test, and deliver everything from full-cycle cross-platform web applications development to native mobile apps, and everything in between. The ability to respond with rapid innovation to changing business needs allows for agility and speed, which in turn has the potential to create competitive market advantage.

Shown below, are some growing number of services in the Microsoft Azure cloud, which allow for the rapid development of loosely coupled and highly distributed cloud-native applications.

Netwoven Azure Center

Create highly secure, resilient apps

Netwoven can help you build incredible responsive applications and backend services based on Azure PaaS offerings. From simple apps to complex data-driven projects, Netwoven has the deep stable of talent and know-how needed to help you succeed.

We make it our priority to understand your business needs, develop and deliver robust cloud-native solutions that connect business objectives with technology outcomes. From initial consultation to final delivery, we are your partner and advocate, every step of the way.

Sample Cloud-Native Web Application Architecture
Sample Cloud-Native Web Application Architecture

From building applications to building customer capabilities, contact Netwoven today to see how we can move your technology initiatives forward.


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