Dataverse for Teams

Create a single environment for each team in Microsoft Teams where you create data, apps, chatbots, and workflows

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Dataverse for Teams
Dataverse for Teams

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Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is a built-in, low-code data and rapid application platform for Microsoft Teams that empowers users to build custom apps, bots, and flows in Microsoft Teams by using Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate. Dataverse for Teams—built on Microsoft Dataverse—provides relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise-grade governance, and one-click solution deployment to the Microsoft Teams app store.

Dataverse for Teams means that parts of the Power Platform have moved into Microsoft Teams. Now you can create Power Apps apps, Power Automate flows, and Power Virtual Agents bots from within Teams – using the licenses you already have with Microsoft 365.

Although the icons and the branding look that same, Dataverse for Teams is different from Power Apps and Dataverse proper, in a few important ways:

  • Support to build low-code and no-code apps, flows, and chatbots for and within Teams.
  • Core data capabilities from the same platform behind Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.
  • Storage, rich data types with enterprise capabilities, and one-click solution deployment.
  • A new visual editor that makes it even easier to define and populate table data.
  • Enterprise security that's easy to use and aligned with the approach used in Teams.
  • Inclusion in most existing Teams licenses.
  • Storage of 2 GB per team, and support for up to 1 million rows.
  • Support for up to 500 teams.
  • The capability to be upgraded to Dataverse.

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Use the “Share with Colleagues” feature to share your app solutions across your organization or to specific security groups. Published apps are available within the Teams app store experience under a “Built for your org” area, providing a familiar user experience for today’s modern workforce. Users can learn about your app and add them as a personal app or to a Team channel as a channel tab app.

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s fastest-growing app ever, with hundreds of millions of users per month. Dataverse for Teams is quickly replacing the SharePoint list-backed app pattern as the go-to choice for organizations worldwide.

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Dataverse for Teams is the first multi-platform low-code rapid application environment to provide citizen and pro developers alike an integrated solution development and delivery platform, including store delivered and tightly coupled capabilities for user interface design, data definition and storage, powerful workflows, and artificial intelligent (AI) bots.

  • Rapidly build low-code apps and bots in Teams with a no-code editable grid to easily build your data model.
  • Streamline processes for app makers and users with responsive layouts and a built-in database that supports relational, file, and image data.
  • Speed up solution delivery with the one-click deployment of apps and intelligent bots.
  • Share expertise and support with every team member by answering FAQs at scale using embedded intelligent bots with Power Virtual Agents.

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Advanced Features of Dataverse for Teams

Advanced Features of Dataverse for Teams

Power Platform Lite for Teams
Create secure, integrated solutions with Microsoft Power Apps and support your workforce with intelligent bots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Remove user friction
Provides an end-to-end experience for users by removing the need to switch between multiple services and apps.

Improves productivity
Make Microsoft Teams more productive and collaborative with Dataverse for Teams.

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Mark Ferraz
Power Platform’s little brother, Dataverse for Teams, is providing both citizen and pro developers a new first-line rapid prototyping and delivery model that validates solution assumptions faster, while providing a clear upgrade path that eliminates the need to abandon or redevelop early work.
Mark FerrazEnterprise Architect, Netwoven, Inc


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