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Microservices have become a popular software pattern for designing and building loosely-coupled cloud-native integration services. Microservices are discrete, resilient, highly scalable, and independently deployable. They provide an additional degree of speed and flexibility. This makes them far better able to respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

APIs that employ a microservices approach are made of individual services that are smaller, more independent, modular, and numerous, than the monolithic services layers of the past. As a catalog of microservices grows, along with the frequency of release, it isn’t uncommon for larger organizations to have thousands of microservices, which through delivery automation capabilities, are being updated dozens or even hundreds of times a day.

Example microservices architecture.

Key technologies involved in the development of microservices are:

  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Nomad
  • API Gateway


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